1. AryanShirani

    Shipping Cost For Some Country

    Hi, actually i have a little problem with Shipping Costs, so the problem is that in many countries we can offer the free shipping because aliexpress does ship for free, but for some other country we need to pay shipping and if the product on our store is free shipping you get a loss of money...
  2. Anonymous451

    Shipped Order Status Plugin for WooCommerce Sites

    We've completed preparing our shipping status plugin for distribution. We make different plugins to solve issues we have and decided to make them available. Since we have these issues, we thought others may also find our solutions useful. Here is some information about the Shipping Order Status...
  3. LusciousLizzy

    Hide Free Shipping for Classes in Table Rate?

    I am trying to configure my shipping rates using Table Rate shipping plugin. I have chokers in their own shipping class. Customers will be charged $4.99 shipping per each Choker with a coupon code. Everything else on my site is free shipping. I want to display Free Shipping for all items...
  4. M

    Shipping settings for different countries

    How can i setup my store to to offer shipping faciloty as per the country. for example. if the customer is browsing my website so only the epackets products will listed to him. and if any customer is browsing from middle east he should see products with normal aliexpress shipping. As i know...
  5. mushrukh

    Importing Shipping Price from Aliexpress

    Hi As we Know that Free Shipping cannot be provided to all the location, Is it possible to import the Shipping price along with product price as mentioned on the aliexpress for the respective product ?? As there is different price for different countries and for different products as per their...
  6. A

    How to add shipping method option in online store.

    I am making an online store. In Aliexpress, when I place an order, I choose countries and shipping methods available for them. But I don't find this feature in my dropshipping store. How can I add this feature in my store so that the customer can choose the shipping method for his/her country...
  7. E

    Unreasonable increase in shipping multiples of same item

    I was wondering if there is an option to increase shipping cost for customers as a percentage if they decide to buy multiples of the same product. If I am selling a product at $10 and charge shipping $10, their total is $20. If they decide to buy 3 of the same $10 product, their total becomes...
  8. Protium

    Calculating shipping

    Hi, I'm new one and I don't get it how shipping calculation works. If I offer free shipping how can I bee sure does that be available for all country? I cant check for all country what is available and want is not and how that all costs for all products and stay up to date... Thank you.
  9. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    Worldwide Shipping

    ePacket is shipping to : This is a list of countries that you can ship to via e-packet as of June 2, 2016: USA Australia UK Canada France Russia Israel Saudi Arabia Ukraine So who is doing the shipping to other countries? and how long it's take?
  10. Anonymous451

    Tracking ID - shipping workflow idea

    Proposed workflow for shipping tracking First, Yaros and Team have done a spectacular job on the AliDS Woo plugin. Taking the new retrieve tracking ID function recently implement in ver 0.6 plus some of the custom stuff I have been working on, in an attempt to further the automation, I would...
  11. W

    Different location , Different shipping price

    Hi Yaros , Would like to ask is there anyway to set up different shipping price for different location ?
  12. B

    Question about incentive shipping

    Is there a method in this plugin for making shipping free if customer purchases product above 50$? Ex: By above 50$ and get free shipping Looking for some solution
  13. K

    Shipping cost missing from "Purchase Email Notification"

    Hi guys, Within the order confirmation email I was expecting to see the shipping cost itemized, but instead it has just been added to the total (see screenshot). Is there any way to add the shipping to the html template? Since we have no visibility of the schema I don't really know what to try...
  14. ZbigniewPL

    Shipping country cost

    Hello I've got new order today from Nigeria, man decided to buy one item for 20$. Unfornately when i wanted to order on Ali I realized that the cost of shipping is about 12$. I talked to my customers and he decided to get full refund. It would be very nice feature IF i could set shipping cost...
  15. kingpin

    Shipping Classes and shipping options import

    Hi Yaros and team. I have a suggestion and i believe it's something that is needed for sure. and I believe you will be able to do it easily. :) Feature Request 1. SHIPPING CLASSES: Like on woocommerce one can easily create many multiple shipping classes. It would be awesome if we get to see...