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I'm currently researching International Dropshipping, and I've a hit a wall regarding shipping options. Everybody praises ePacket for faster shipping time and affordable price, but I've started searching ePacket cost + time for different countries in Europe and things don't look as good. Yes, in USA ePacket ships in 12-20 Days for $1.20 or so, but in Austria for example, it takes 20-40 Days and $4.5! Meanwhile, I see that China Post AirMail has 17-29 days and only $1.79 or Aliexpress Standard Shipping has 16-28 Days and $1.96 rate. The only thing that keeps from having a clear green light to go with these other options is that I don't know if they provide tracking or if they may take waay more than the number of days required to deliver. I'd like to know which is the best option to choose in cases like this, when other shipping options have faster times. Thanks!
Pretty bad reply there. Im in the same boat. if it doesnt have tracking i dont want to offer it. I feels to me that many things can go wrong there.


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Here is the exact solution: ePacket should be the first choice, when shipped to USA, Canada and Australia. For most European countries, ePacket is a good choice as well but usually it won't be free of charge, then you can choose Aliexpress Standard Shipping. That might solve most of your problems.
Nice store! Is this custom alidropship template? Also I find when I select usa, there are many epacket products, but when canada chosen, not many. Maybe it's the types of products I am looking at (electronics mostly) so far.


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I shipped some products to usa with free china post because the customer chosed the free shipping and not epacket, what could go wrong ?
Anybody could tell me how can I change the shipping method on a product? Is there a default value, or I can change somewhere manually? I mean if I import a product via 'Direct Import' the shipping 'method' is what I choose on the product page (on Aliexpress), or if ePacket is available this will be the default option? o_O
I shipped some products to usa with free china post because the customer chosed the free shipping and not epacket, what could go wrong ?
You should eliminate China Post shipping option for countries like USA, Canada, Australia. Only use China post for countries that do not have ePacket option. Im not sure if we can have specific shipping options show based on customers location. What could go wrong is it could be a lengthy wait for customer to receive the parcel which can result in customer complaint, bad store rating, possible chargeback. Also if customer chooses ePacket service, you should not charge them for this service. Put it as free shipping and absorb the extra cost in your profits.