1. thesotman

    Should I only import products that only ship using ePacket?

    Hi, I heard that I should only import products that ship using ePacket. Does ePacket have a faster and more affordable shipping method than shipping without ePacket? Thanks.
  2. J

    Epacket not available

    Hi if it says it's not available under epacket, I can still purchase it, but the shipping will be a high cost that's all right? Also to choose shipping carrier do I always pick aliexpress standard shipping right?
  3. Keyur Amin

    Tracking service - ePacket and 17track

    Hello guys, Don't mind please if this is a noob question. I am using ePacket to send the products to my customers in the US. In the backed of the plugin, 17track is enabled. Just wondering if that option will still track ePacket deliveries from start to end. Please advise.
  4. jhepong

    I'm looking for a reliable aliexpress supplier

    I'm starting a store that will sell products to US, UK, Australia and Canada. The supplier must have their products be able to ship to those countries via epacket, and must be free or low cost shipping.
  5. jhepong

    Newbie thinking of selling internationally, problem with different shipping methods

    Hi thanks to alidropship I'm about to start my dropshipping conquest - my first time with Dropshipping and first time setting up my own online store. I have already read and watched lots of articles and guides online about setting up my first Dropshipping, they always say choose products with...
  6. alidroprules

    Trump wants to Kill Epacket

    Do not know where to put this thread, is this is the wrong place, please move it Trump wants to kill epacket, what are your thoughts on this subject, is drop shipping from aliexpress on risk? You can check this articles for reference there is more on the web...
  7. I

    Plugin concern list & ePacket price issue (really must see ePacket issue)

    Hello. I am a user of alidropship plugin and I have some experience that wants to share and also want to receive support if somebody knows how to fix each problem. 1. Can't import products: Don't know why, but many times image editor stop working almost in the last image and need to refresh...
  8. P

    Do all AliExpress suppliers offer epacket shipping?

    If not, how can you tell which ones do? thanks John
  9. A

    Aliexpress Shipping Options

    Hello, I'm currently researching International Dropshipping, and I've a hit a wall regarding shipping options. Everybody praises ePacket for faster shipping time and affordable price, but I've started searching ePacket cost + time for different countries in Europe and things don't look as good...
  10. M

    Not letting me select anything other than ePacket

    When I do automatic ordering I cannot select China Post Registered Air Mail. That is the free one but it will only let me select ePacket. is there a setting blocking me from doing it? The item lists loads of other shipping methods too but wont let me select any.
  11. Sriranga R

    E-packet notification / preview missing

    Hello Team, I can see that the preview option of e-packet availability status on the products is missing. Please see the screenshot. Has this option been discontinued ??? I'm using the latest version of Woo. Thanks
  12. Bujuk

    is epacket necessary?

    hai guys, Azman here. i'm setting up my new website. just have one specific question about shipping method. i read somewhere it is a good practice to look for supplier that offer epacket, as you will have tracking and the transit time will be shorter. less headache for us the dropshippers...
  13. Skyline

    A query

    Helloooo People, Drop shippers.. I am new here and want to ask a question that is rolling in my mind continuously. ok I havent started Drop Shipping but i want to. So the thing i am stuck with is that if i live in Middle East and want to start this business, Can i operate and sell products to...
  14. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    Worldwide Shipping

    ePacket is shipping to : This is a list of countries that you can ship to via e-packet as of June 2, 2016: USA Australia UK Canada France Russia Israel Saudi Arabia Ukraine So who is doing the shipping to other countries? and how long it's take?