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Greetings, Raff pls send me details on how to pay n' make the deal transferring these two niches, with their social accounts, domains with your help to my server (excuse my bad English, I'm Greek)
Will You Help me please. I very Urgently need to change both my 1. WordPress Admin Area password 2. My cPanel Access Password.
Will you please let me know if it is possible, and if YES, then how to proceed to change them without causing any damage...thanking you in anticipation
Direct Webstore
Direct Webstore
1. Go to WP-Admin>Users>Add New and create another user account with admin rights (At the bottom, click "Role") and the password, name and email you want. Then delete the original admin account.

2. You will have to contact your host's support and ask them to reset your cPanel password.
Hello Mario! Are you interested in proposal I've posted?
you can skype me for quick communication : tayyab-hafeez
Hi Experts, I have my dropship store but not received any sales till now. Can anyone help and guide me.
Direct Webstore
Direct Webstore
Impossible to help with that limited information. There are so many factors to consider. The niche, the products, your pricing, your social media interaction, your advertising, the look of your site, any extra value on your site like blogs, videos etc ... and more.