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Thanks OMKTG for your reply. Yes, I saw this story and want so much to get in touch with him (Micheal-the guy who gave the story) but I haven't been able to. That is why I decided to reach out here on the forum- in case any one can help.
I am based in Dubai and want to start my Alidropship store but have a very limited budget. Is anyone based in Dubai already doing business without a trading license?
I would appreciate your help and advise on how to go about this. Obviously I intend to register for a licence as a Company once I have enough money to do so but for now I wonder if anyone knows how I can start without one.
Thanks a lot.
Hi, I need help. I want to create a coupon discount. Follow instructions but it does not work. it tell me coupon don't exist.
please contact me on Skype: yarosnevsky. I will take a look.