1. Thordesign

    Sorry...this item is currently unavailable in your region. Check out other group buying offers.

    Good morning, I've been having a big problem for a few days now. 90% of the products on my shop are no longer available for purchase on Aliexpress. I get this error message when I try to access it: "Sorry...this item is currently unavailable in your region. Check out other group buying offers."...
  2. HanShuShu

    Import products ,Dropshipping Error ,code 200

    I have a problem now, my website is an e-commerce website, when AliExpress uses Alidropship extension to import product details to my website, there is an error, cannot be imported, the error code is 200,should i what to do?
  3. Nikson11

    Please help, Problem!

    Hello guys I have problem with plugin, when I want to put this product Doesnt work. Is it about product or its some my failure? Thanks!
  4. Flora By Millie

    AliExpress supplier refund

    Hello, I am new to the dropship community but I have had my store open for almost 12 months. I have had various issues with various suppliers but this current one is doing my head in & was hoping somebody could give me some advice. A customer placed an order on the 8th December. On the 27th...
  5. Nikson11

    Pricing Problem, Please Help!!

    Hello guys, As the title say I have pricing error in my app. Tried everything but cant fix. On ali its this price - but on my store in app is not that price. Whats is wrong. Anyone had some similar problems? Thanks!
  6. A

    Aliexpress invoices dropshipping

    Hello, I sell items via dropshipping through Aliexpress. For a few months now you also receive an invoice from Aliexpress, which was different before. However, on this invoice is used as billing address, the shipping address of my customer and not my address. It should be so that my address in...
  7. L

    AliExpress Product Prices & Discounts (VERY IMPORTANT) I NEED HELP FAST!!!!

    Hello! If you know anything about AliExpress Product Prices/Discounts please look at the image below and respond to me with an anwser if you know. Thanks and much appreciated!
  8. Knightofmoon

    Removed country selection but default selection is china?

    Hello. I'm currently working on a store. It's been in the making for a quiet bit of time i've been trying to figure out what and how. i finally got to the last bit with the problem now that if i select a product it will be shown to my customers like product, color add or not. So when i get...
  9. O

    Smart Gadgets Store - Expires On : 2022-03-03 Registered On : 2020-03-03 Updated On : 2021-02-26 Why this business was started I've always wanted my own bigger project. I wanted to open this store as a test before I dive into my own unique store. The reason of selling this business Now that...
  10. Rytis Jonas

    ⁣⁣SAVING MONEY BUYING EVERYTHING CHEAPER WITH CASHBACK SERVICES RebatesMe, Giving Assistant and $5 + $5 bonuses and AliExpress $24 COUPONS

    Hello, what do you think about saving money by buying anything with #cashback services #RebatesMe or #GivingAssistant and using #bonuses and #AliExpress #coupons? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Info about that is here: ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ And those who will be registering to RebatesMe with...
  11. Nikson11

    Best Supplier on aliexpress??

    Hello Folks. I tried many suppliers on aliexpress and most of them are not serious about bussiness I mean they promise something that they cant do. I want to share my supplier that actually works good and for now everything is fine. So if you want to share your one that would be great if not you...
  12. Nikson11

    Where to promote this HOT Product!!!

    Hello guys. To make long story short. I have dropshipping store and one of my Products are making decent money. This Product alone. Brings me more then 2k every month. I want to scale it and use paid ads. For now doing only Seo but would like to do some paid ads. The Product category is werid...
  13. feelbird

    Any seller would like to try Aliexpress CPS cooperation ?

    We are a digital agency that has been worked with few big sellers from China such as tomtop gearbest etc , we work with them in CPS way (cost per sale) Also we do work with Aliexpress portal team for official promo with Chinese branded stuffs as well. Would like to talk with the potential...
  14. Tas

    Shipping from (Possible from Website, Not Possible from Aliexpress)

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, as also to the world of Dropshipping. I have a question regarding Shipping and would appreciate if anyone knows how to overcome this obstable or has a way around it to share. As I saw, some products on Aliexpress have a shipping from Option, with EU or...
  15. E

    Aliexpress App banned in India

    Just dropped in, the indian gov banned aliexpress app, not sure if website is also banned and future of drop shipping. anyone with any update please share.
  16. A

    My card is blocked.

    When i was trying to complete my payment on aliexpress it redirected me to another page wich says: Card Blocked For security reasons, your card has been blocked and your transaction cannot be authenticated. Please contact customer support for further assistance. So And it followed with...
  17. A

    In Aliexpress, there is new feature for dropshipping?!

    Hi team, In Aliexpress there is a tab called "Dropshipping Center" . When I click there is an agreement. After that I didn't go. Can you please check that and explain about that feature? What is the benefits we can get from that feature. Should I join that program if i dropshipping? please...
  18. mushrukh

    Fraud Transaction at Aliexpress (Aliexpress account hacked)

    Hi. I am writing this to all of our fellow dropshippers to save themselves with the fraud that just happened with me. Recently today I received a SMS about the transaction on aliexpress which I did not do. Someone hacked my aliexpress account and the card details which was saved on the checkout...
  19. W

    High volume purchases on Aliexpress - Best Method of Payment?

    Hi, I use a credit card to make purchases on Aliexpress but this card has a monthly credit limit of € 4,000 and my monthly sales are more than € 15,000 ... what method of payment is advisable on Aliexpress when the volume of purchases is high? I currently have 3 credit cards but I don't think...
  20. particiashop

    Aliexpress affiliate links on shopify product page

    Hi all, i have a Shopify store where i'm selling Aliexpress products, I am using Plak theme, I am doing great income, about 4500$/months. But i would like to scale up my business to earn more money by using passive income strategy, basically i would like to have some Aliexpress products showed...