⁣⁣SAVING MONEY BUYING EVERYTHING CHEAPER WITH CASHBACK SERVICES RebatesMe, Giving Assistant and $5 + $5 bonuses and AliExpress $24 COUPONS

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what do you think about saving money by buying anything with #cashback services #RebatesMe or #GivingAssistant and using #bonuses and #AliExpress #coupons?

Info about that is here: ⁣⁣⁣⁣

And those who will be registering to RebatesMe with the link from that website, could you please write me a message or comment to let me know you registered? ⁣⁣⁣⁣
To make sure RebatesMe isn't cheating and accepting all new registrations..

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I don't think you would make a fortune that way. I would better consider getting a better-paid side gig and put aside the money earner for reinvestments. While surfing the internet, I found an interesting article about liquid net worth. I highly suggest you take some time to read it because I see it as a basic financial education that everyone should be acquainted with. Liquid net worth is those easily reachable assets that are "fluid" and could be effortlessly converted into cash in the case of a need. I hope you're doing well. Take care of yourself and your savings.
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A handy thing is a cashback - you buy, and a part of your money is returned to your account. Firstly, it saves money, and secondly, it's much more pleasant to spend, knowing that you'll get a certain percentage back. Many services allow you to buy almost any product with a cashback - from perfumes to airline tickets.
A colleague from my remote job told me about this opportunity to use a cashback service to save money to the fullest. Here are examples of the most popular cashback companies. So now, I am constantly paying attention to companies and whether they provide cashback.
Now at the peak of popularity are special cashback-aggregators - navigation platforms, redirecting buyers to the resources of specialized stores. These portals charge refundable money, providing, in addition to cashback, price comparison services, search for needed goods, and other related services.
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