Shipping from (Possible from Website, Not Possible from Aliexpress)


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Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum, as also to the world of Dropshipping.

I have a question regarding Shipping and would appreciate if anyone knows how to overcome this obstable or has a way around it to share.

As I saw, some products on Aliexpress have a shipping from Option, with EU or US or CN or even Ru Warehouses or Logistics Centres.

By default on Aliexpress, for example, by choosing from EU Warehouse (for example, lets take ES (Spain) and then entering a EU country to ship to, it does not allow to send to because seller probably does not send to that country....


when you import that same product on your warehouse, and you leave the shipping from options, and you pick the same combination as above, the order will get through but you are left with a hussle because on Ali that same combination fails.

So what to do?

I would aprpeciate if anyone knows a way around it, or even sharing some information on how to or even what to do.

PS. Aliexpress does not allow to not use the shipping option they have to, to use your own courier like Fedex or UPS or DHL ?

Thank you in advance,