1. L

    alidropship extension

    when i go to direct import from aliexpress. in the head in the dropdownlist categore box. the drop down list categories did not show all the categories in my wp site. there is categories missed did not appear in the list. any one face problem like this can help with that
  2. workfromhome

    Create Your First ManyChat Account for FREE. - Free Training Course

    A lot of Dropshippers are suffering from low website traffic from their E-commerce Store and most of them have a minimum amount of visitors from their website. The thing is there is one simple solution to your problem and that is ManyChat Messenger Marketing . This transformational messenger...
  3. secaki

    There is no "Orders" button in my alidropship plugin (see picture)

    Hey guys, I've watched several videos and read several threads but couldnt find what I am looking for. For your information: 1.) I did add some aliexpress products in my store. 2.) I bought something for test purposes. But nothing appears Did I forgot something? Do I have to connect to my...
  4. nardog03

    Change The Look Of The Product Review Layout

    Hey Alidropship Team, I think you should look at changing the layout of the Alidropship review. Looking at reviews platforms like Loox or Ryviu they have helped many other stores in its conversion rate by changing they display for the reviews to be shown in a grid format instead of the standard...
  5. P

    Where is the “ship from“ filter

    I read, in a lot of forums, about a „ship from“ filter when searching in AliExpress. Where is it?
  6. mglazebroo

    Match shipping to Aliexpress?

    I just realized that the shipping for my store does not automatically sync up with what is offered for the product on aliexpress. Is there a way to match shipping options available for the products on my store to what is available at aliexpress?
  7. Morgan

    Why did Stripe close the integration with our WooCommerce store, and what payment alternatives are there?

    Hi. My team and I have been working to create a website for drop-shipping the previous weeks. Everything was coming along nicely, with Stripe set up and test payments successfully made. When out of the blue, I receive an alarming message from Stripe informing us that our website is considered...
  8. S

    I'm an Aliexpress women bags seller.I'd like to find partner.

    Hello everyone, I am Reid, the women bags seller from Aliexpress. My products include Genuine leather bag,Pu leather bag and so on... And we can be the best partner. If you have any questions about Drop Shipping or Aliexpress or wholesale,please feel free to contact me. Best wishes.
  9. S

    I'm a real Aliexpress seller.

    Dear dropshippers,I'm a Aliexpress women bag seller,(My store name is "POP bag",brand name is "ellacey".You can search it on Aliexpress.)If you are intersted in any products at my store,please kindly add my Whatsapp or Wechat +86 15258082921...
  10. O

    Tracking service for customer

    Hi everyone! When we send item to our customer, there is a tracking ID & service that enables customer to follow up with the item delivery updates...I need to ask, will the tracking service mention about Aliexpress website to our customer? Intentionally or unintentionally, both are not good...
  11. C

    Advice needed: Pricing products with large difference in shipping cost/ CS issues with Aliexpress standard shipping

    Hi all, I'm just starting out and would like some advice on what have worked for your dropshipping store when dealing with product pricing and shipping options. 1. I am planning to offer free worldwide shipping and intend to start out with items offering free or low cost epacket shipping...
  12. Chuck

    I am Aliexpress Top Brand seller, we're looking for partners.

    hi everyone, I am Chuck. a Aliexpress Top Brand seller, From Guangzhou, China. We specialize in marketing fashionable hip-hop and Japanese-style garment, and we offer the latest styles in vogue. We have a well-established supply chain and all our products have passed rigorous quality control...
  13. anonymous1971

    This came from Ali Express

    Look at the attachment circled in red. Maybe this is worth integrating in the woocommerce and regular ali plugin.
  14. tobyhughes18

    Error message on Aliexpress

    Every time I try to purchase a product, I get this message and payment fails "You haven't signed in, or your previous session has expired. Please sign in again" Does anyone know how to fix?
  15. finderskeepers

    Need advice on launching drop shipping store in the fashion segment + payment gateway

    Hi All, I currently operate one site with ali partnership in the deals and discount niche and soon to launch another one in home decor. I am new to the drop shipping scene and have been following this forum on posts related to setup, niche and payment gateway. I am from India and need advice or...
  16. N

    The Chinese on Ebay

    Hello i am new member on this forum. I am from Russia and it is my first visit foreign forum. My English not good therefore excuse me:) At us, in Russia, dropshipping poorly developed. We have a dropshipping companies, but they are not profitable to work, because they are cheating dropshippers...
  17. M

    Looking for Aliexpress saller

    Hai.. Since i can't really do searching for aliexpress seller perfectly, i would like to invite the seller to message me. Here's the criteria. 1. Women fashion (shoes & bags) 2. Kids fashion & clothing. 3. Baby & mom. 4. Sneakers shoes. 5. Inners, bras & panties. My webstore will ready sooner.
  18. A

    Aliexpress Shipping Options

    Hello, I'm currently researching International Dropshipping, and I've a hit a wall regarding shipping options. Everybody praises ePacket for faster shipping time and affordable price, but I've started searching ePacket cost + time for different countries in Europe and things don't look as good...
  19. H

    Ali to eBay

    I am looking for a good program/app to import to ebay. Also looking for any cashback options available from ali. Thank you in advance for any suggestions :)
  20. U

    Importing in Norwegian does not work.

    Hi I choose the norwegian language before importing in aliexpress. It shows everything in Norwegian and make importing. When I go to my website (using alidropshipping) , the items are imported in English instead of Norwegian. What is problem ? Any help ? Thanks in advance Usman