Advice needed: Pricing products with large difference in shipping cost/ CS issues with Aliexpress standard shipping


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Hi all, I'm just starting out and would like some advice on what have worked for your dropshipping store when dealing with product pricing and shipping options.

1. I am planning to offer free worldwide shipping and intend to start out with items offering free or low cost epacket shipping. However for countries outside the US the shipping cost (with tracking available) for different products vary across different countries by at least $5-$8. My original intention was to build in the shipping cost into the selling price but for such products it would make the product too expensive. How did you manage this?
The other option I thought of was to set up different flat shipping rates for different zones, how did some of you who adopt this method do this for so many different products and over 180 countries with varying shipping costs? Do you really go to every single product and note down the different price combinations?

When cheap traceable shipping options are not available for that item, do you then inform the customer that the item is not available to them?

2. For products without epacket, what would be the next most reliable and affordable shipping method to choose? China post/Yan Wen etc or Aliexpress standard shipping? If the latter, do the packages come stating Aliexpress on them? Did you face any customer service issues from customers who realised that their items were from aliexpress?

Thank you.