1. A

    What is drop shipping? What is a drop shipping tool?

    1. What is dropshipping and how does it work? Drop shipping is a method of e-commerce in which retailers sell products without maintaining physical inventory space. Rather than storing and shipping products themselves, business owners who use drop shipping outsource this part of their operations...
  2. S

    The Freight Forwarding Process | Explain in detail

    The logistics process seems like a daunting task to many individuals. Whether you have a large-scale business or a small-scale business, you have to indulge in transportation activities at some point. That is where freight forwarders in Dubai come to the rescue. They act as a logistics...
  3. S

    Door-to-Door cargo from China to Dubai | SLR Shipping

    As you plan to ship your goods internationally, it is essential to get familiar with the several terms associated with the logistics industry. Door-to-door cargo services are one such term that is used extensively in the industry. However, it is also the most complex term as some assume the...
  4. daniel-97

    Alidropship Original - Shipping Settings

    Hi everyone, Since we already have a "Minimum order price" for when that shipping option to be available, I think it's great to have a "Maximum order price" for when that shipping option to be hidden. That way, we as users can control which shipping options to show for which cart amount (since...
  5. S

    Things to Consider When Choosing freight forwarder

    Freight companies are responsible for storing and shipping items either across the country or internationally. A freight forwarder ships goods all over their state during an international freight organization. Your choice of cargo company like SLR shipping depends on the quality of services...
  6. thesotman

    Should I only import products that only ship using ePacket?

    Hi, I heard that I should only import products that ship using ePacket. Does ePacket have a faster and more affordable shipping method than shipping without ePacket? Thanks.
  7. J

    US shipping & China Shipping

    Hi i see some wholesaler have US & China options to ship from, if course if u choose US it's more expensive, how long if it's US? and I heard some are just saying US but they still ship from China how can I know for sure they are shipping from US, and not China, they don't respond to emails.
  8. J

    Aliexpress shipping

    Hi for the shipping type can I always put aliexpress standard shipping for all tracking products? Thx
  9. trixxmanaty

    conflict on shipping for own products

    Hi there, Please kindly assist. I am new to how the shipping on the alidropship plugin for Woocommerce works. I have set up a flat rate for my own products if the total cost is below $50 and free shipping for the cart with a minimum of $100. I have also set up a shipping class for my own...
  10. daniel-97

    Supplier Ships The Product 10 minutes After It Was Placed

    I got my second order today! But the weird thing was after I automatically placed the order, the seller shipped it 10 minutes later LOL Should I be worried? The seller has been selling for 5 years and the rating is above average I contacted them and they replied like this Have anyone...
  11. Leonardibong

    I Having Problem with Shipping Method Please Help

    On my store when checking out there's an option for customers to either ship from china or united states and each time there choose united state the shipping cost is always more than the product price and am offering free shipping. How do i fix this please
  12. S

    Pricing Formula Should Include Epacket Shipping Cost

    Im sure a lot of people have this, issue price formula is good but it should include epacking shipping cost. I have product which cost 20usd and shipping epacket cost about the same of 20usd. It messes with the formula and potently you can lose money. If Alidropship woo has this feature it would...
  13. M

    Dropshipping confirmation email

    Is there a way to edit the order confirmation email when someone orders a product? I would like to add in the email that they can expect the item in about 2-5 weeks. So I don't keep getting chargebacks because people think they're getting scammed when they expect their item to be delivered with...
  14. mglazebroo

    Match shipping to Aliexpress?

    I just realized that the shipping for my store does not automatically sync up with what is offered for the product on aliexpress. Is there a way to match shipping options available for the products on my store to what is available at aliexpress?
  15. ahmadtalal0786

    Need help about global dropdown

    Hello, Any can help me, I want to add global dropdown at single product page about shipping. I want all the products as this dropdown where a customer can select SHIPPING FROM. same dropdown as to select color and size. but i want global dropdown so all the product shares the same dropdown of...
  16. C

    Advice needed: Pricing products with large difference in shipping cost/ CS issues with Aliexpress standard shipping

    Hi all, I'm just starting out and would like some advice on what have worked for your dropshipping store when dealing with product pricing and shipping options. 1. I am planning to offer free worldwide shipping and intend to start out with items offering free or low cost epacket shipping...
  17. jhepong

    I'm looking for a reliable aliexpress supplier

    I'm starting a store that will sell products to US, UK, Australia and Canada. The supplier must have their products be able to ship to those countries via epacket, and must be free or low cost shipping.
  18. jhepong

    Newbie thinking of selling internationally, problem with different shipping methods

    Hi thanks to alidropship I'm about to start my dropshipping conquest - my first time with Dropshipping and first time setting up my own online store. I have already read and watched lots of articles and guides online about setting up my first Dropshipping, they always say choose products with...
  19. N


    Hi, I have some problem with alidropship... 1st "Currency" Is this plugin develloped to work with other currency than dollard ? I explain my problem, I sell only in one currency wich is €. The problem is: THIS plugin cant handle this, every imported data are in $ and stored in $ in my DB...
  20. cristal29

    Estimate Shipping Rates for All Countries

    Hello everybody! I'm having some difficulties in setting up my shipment rates and would be great to find some examples of shipping price strategy from other fellow drop-shippers. Basically my target markets will be english speaking countries but in case clients from other countries want to buy...