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I have some problem with alidropship...

1st "Currency"

Is this plugin develloped to work with other currency than dollard ?
I explain my problem, I sell only in one currency wich is €.
The problem is: THIS plugin cant handle this, every imported data are in $ and stored in $ in my DB.
Whats the problem with that except that EVERY time I import a product I have to switch the currency in EVERY product because the plugin set the standard value to $

After import:
Edit needed:

When you import more than 100 product it's kind of boring to edit all single product.
But that's not the main problem, the problem is that every time (this mean every day) when I update the prices the value is once again change in $


One more thing abouit currency, HOW is it possible to use a price formula based on an Aliexpress price in $ if I only sale in €
Should my profit be affected by $/€ exchange rate ?
Or should I edit my formula every days ?
The question is why am I changing the currency in every product ??? Fine this is the 2nd part.

2nd "Price Rounding"

Yes Price Rounding only work in $ because rounding is maked before converting.
Why not correct this by simply convert before rounding ?
I tried to correct it myself but iCube encription stop me before.
Some of you can think "yeah its a detail" YEP it is, but selling is all about details.
Dropshipping is all about marketing

3rd "Shipping settings Aliexpress standard shipping"

In the Shipping Settings section we have 4 choices:
  • Free Shipping
  • Super Savings Shipping
  • Standard Shipping
  • Expedited Shipping

HERE start the problem

I want to ship a product in France, on aliexpress i have 5 shipping options:


I've done this test with 3 shipping settings:
When I "place order automatically" with "Free Shipping" selected in my cart the order is placed with ePacket on Aliexpress
When I "place order automatically" with "Super Savings Shipping" selected in my cart the order is placed with ePacket on Aliexpress :eek:
When I "place order automatically" with "Standard Shipping" selected in my cart the order is placed with ePacket on Aliexpress o_O

I know that ePacket is the most commun shipping method in some country BUT
how can i place an order automatically using AliExpress Standard Shipping method ??

Today I have no other choice than placing the orders manually.

4th "Import product without Aliexpress discount"

The topic is now again MARKETING.
In alidropship import tool I have 2 possibilities


-Apply to all variation:
This option allow you to set a price and a discount price for your product. That's Fine for now, but in the future no price update available without running your price strategy.

-Apply princing formula:
This option calculate my sale price based on Aliexpress sale price and my original product price based on Aliexpress product price (without discount)
This mean that all the product in my store are on sales !!!
WTF is that for a marketing strategie ???
Everyone knows that dropshipping is mostly about WINNING product, how can highlight a winning product when all product in my store are in sale ??
The solution ?
Jike Lackson 5 said it's easy as 1 2 3.
Place a checkbox "Only import Aliexpress sale price" and in this case by having your "Apply princing formula" + "Only import Aliexpress sale price"
your price + sale price will be set to 33 and this choise should be store in the database so when next day you'r updating your price your not destroying your own work.


I hope that this post will be readed by some Alidropship admin or dev.
If you have any question you can contact me.

Thanks for reading.


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Have you read the knowledge base at ?

... and at a quick glance, most of these "problems" have been covered numerous times in this forum. There is a handy Search box above you can use. Expecting personalised answers to so many questions is asking for a bit too much, especially when they have already been answered multiple times already.

Get to work ... and good luck!

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