1. C

    Debugging, troubleshooting, and flexible installation

    How can I check your site and fix errors? Can I from the developers and debugging Thank you
  2. O

    Product Update Problems

    Hello, For two days, I can not update products with the plugin, update process freezes, are there any common solution for this? Thanx :)(
  3. esdeemen

    Fulfilment problem

    Automatic completion of customer data has not worked for a long time. Sometimes only the zip code, name and surname are completed. I have to paste the street name and phone number together with the area code each time myself. The problem has been present for over half a year. Shipping...
  4. S

    Aliexpress mention "Aliexpress" on their packages

    Looks like dropshippers have a big problem. I found this post on Facebook "Do guys know why Aliexpress mention" Aliexpress "on their packages if you choose" aliexpress shipping "despite telling the seller not to...
  5. secaki

    There is no "Orders" button in my alidropship plugin (see picture)

    Hey guys, I've watched several videos and read several threads but couldnt find what I am looking for. For your information: 1.) I did add some aliexpress products in my store. 2.) I bought something for test purposes. But nothing appears Did I forgot something? Do I have to connect to my...
  6. Bamise

    Promo Page Error

    Hi @Christina Please I noticed this error on my store! While I was working on the Promo Page, I noticed on the front preview page, the Header is having some error, like Timing coming down from the header position to another place, an example of this is attached below. Thank you for your quick...
  7. N


    Hi, I have some problem with alidropship... 1st "Currency" Is this plugin develloped to work with other currency than dollard ? I explain my problem, I sell only in one currency wich is €. The problem is: THIS plugin cant handle this, every imported data are in $ and stored in $ in my DB...
  8. D

    Problem with woocommerce

    I dear community, When I activate ali dropship plugin in wordpress all my products disappear on the website. Then they come back when I deactivate alidropship plugin, it seems that there is a conflict with woocommerce plugin. I did all updates but it stills the same. Also I need to deactivate...
  9. AryanShirani

    Social Rabbit Bugs & Problems

    Hi everybody, i am writing this post to list some bugs and problems that i had in the past few month of Social Rabbit that i could not resolve/understand. 1. Social Rabbit Instagram Promotion function: Actually Social Rabbit post more comments on the same photo but with a distance of a few...
  10. G

    Cannot log into the Admin area?

    Since the last update I am having issues accessing my admin area. When i do go to my site, entering the user and password details, I get an error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare adsaban_sql_list() in on line 0 If I then remove the "/wp-admin/" part from the URL and press 'Enter', I get to...
  11. Sockis

    Where to get help for blog problem?

    Hi, I thought giving this a try, maybe someone tackles with the same problem! When I am writing a blog post to my web site's blog it looks exactly like a want as a draft whether I am aligning the pictures to right or left. As soon as I hit that publish or preview button all the pictures are...
  12. Bekir Lubic

    Credit card payment method problem

    Hello, I have problem with my credit card payment method... Before, when I use test mode on stripe everithing was OK, but when I change test mode to live mode I have problem with textbox when customer need to put information about credit card... Customer can´t see any letters (pic in att). Does...
  13. Bekir Lubic

    Save settings button doesn´t work

    Hello, I have problem with "Save settings" button in "Home page main settings" section. When I save , it shows me new settings only when I am loged in like administrator... But when I visit my site like casual visitor, it show setings before I saved... You can see problem in screenshots that...
  14. Bekir Lubic

    Problem with Contact form

    Hello to all, My name is Bekir, and I'm new here on forum ... A few days ago I bought this plugin, and at this moment, I am working on my site ... For now, everithing is OK, except contact form ... I have made mailgun accont, and customized all parameters, but my contact form doesn´t work ... I...
  15. M

    Product reseller license

    Hi there, I'm new to the whole idea of dropshipping. I'm going to open my store soon. Right now I'm dealing with all the setting up company challenges and getting the right products. As I'm still learning I'm doing a lot of research and I have noticed a lot of people are recommending to do...
  16. Hunor Barabas

    Unformatted Category Articles

    Hello! I have a problem with the article that can be written on the product category pages. No matter how I format it, the end result will be one big block of text. I find it really hard to read it this way. Is there (or will there be) a way to format that text properly? Thank you! Oh...