1. C

    Change in currency exchange rate

    I want to change the currency conversion rate Currency: the Yemeni riyal against the dollar. The current exchange rate: 250.25 Yemeni riyals, against the dollar. this is not true I want to change this against the dollar? I have two options, which one is better first suggestion Adoption...
  2. sha77

    Customers being charged the wrong prices on PayPal

    The prices I get from AliExpress are in USD, which is the default in the AliDropship plugin. These are converted to EURO by the AliDropship currency exchange plugin every 24 hours. However, when a customer is buying a product they are taken to PayPal, which use their own currency exchange rate...
  3. N


    Hi, I have some problem with alidropship... 1st "Currency" Is this plugin develloped to work with other currency than dollard ? I explain my problem, I sell only in one currency wich is €. The problem is: THIS plugin cant handle this, every imported data are in $ and stored in $ in my DB...
  4. P

    Format number with no decimal

    Dear all I would like to format all of the number with decimal is 0 (For instance 21.000,00đ will show 21.000 đ) Please help
  5. Mahavir Surana

    Curency symbol in order not change

    Sir, All currencies symbol in ORDER SECTION not change & shows only in $.Please solve this.Thanks. *(Screenshot image attached here)
  6. K

    Currency issue

    Hello Ekaterina , I have currency setup as shown in image Currency location is enable and when customer visits the websites, specific countries currency is shown. I have done test orders from Australia and New Zealand. The issue I am facing is in shopping cart specific country currency is...
  7. R

    [Rembrandt] Multiple questions ...

    Hi All, A number of questions if you'll bear with me ... I'm using Rembrandt theme. 1) Once our site is ready, loaded with products and set to go live, (I have it set to Maintenance Mode at the moment) how do we test it to make sure all the functions are working as they should? Are we...
  8. mushrukh

    Automatic Currency switcher

    Hi . Is it possible to make the alidropship plugin ( original ) to have currency switcher which change the currency automatically by detecting I.P of the visitor in Future? as I think in woo-commerce it has this feature . Just curios to know. Thanks
  9. Protium

    Currency and Alidropship

    Hello, I have trouble for my website with currency's. But that problem give me a suggestions for price rules. So, plugin use price from aliexpress in dollars, For example: Item A on aliexpress costs 10$ Then I import that item A at my store. Put price formula item A * 4, now item A cost 40$...
  10. Julius Suralta

    Automatic PRICE Currency Conversion for each country

    Hi, I am in UAE and i am hoping that though the base currency is USD, i would love to see it in AED format. Now, the plugin allows for additional currency to be included in the list of currencies. However, i did not see that it reflects in my store. I still see the USD as this is the base...
  11. K

    Currency issues when purchasing items

    This is a little complicated, so bear with me! Relevant settings: Payment Currency = AUD. Assign Cents = 99 Let's say the customer want's to buy a cushion cover which is $13.99AUD and $9.99USD When a customer makes the purchase in AUD this is what they see: Product page shows $13.99 AUD...
  12. W

    PayPal Express Checkout not working for additional currencies

    Hello everyone, I have a weird problem with the CheckOut with PayPal button. When the currency is set to USD it works without a problem, if it's set to anything else (EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD....) I receive the following error message Any help would be appreciated
  13. Imran Shaikh

    Updating New Zealand Currency

    Hi guys, I;ve just bought the plugin and started using it on a test site. Just noticed that New Zealand Dollar for the product price shows NZD instead of NZ$. We, here in New Zealand, most commonly use NZ$ instead of NZD. Hence, my recommendation is to change 'NZD' to 'NZ$' and 'New Zealand...
  14. N

    Currency Switcher According to Location

    I have seen a few woo commerce plugins that will set the currency according to users location , does the alidropship theme have anything similiar or recommend a particular plugin?