Need help about global dropdown

Any can help me, I want to add global dropdown at single product page about shipping. I want all the products as this dropdown where a customer can select SHIPPING FROM. same dropdown as to select color and size. but i want global dropdown so all the product shares the same dropdown of shipping.
btw I am using wordpress.
Hi. I'm not an expert, and still learning myself, but I believe you can do this on the attributes section under Products in the dashboard menu.

If you don't already have a "ships from" attribute you can create one there, then go into it to add your options.
You would then have to activate this on each product though, by going to the product, editing it, and at the bottom there are woocommerce / alidropship options to have each attribute shown. You'd have to tick the ships from attribute.
There may be a way to do it I'm bulk and add to all products somehow, but I don't know it - perhaps someone else will read this and answer that. Wouldn't mind knowing that answer.

The next stage after making the option appear is connecting the selected value to something on aliexpress.
There are some products which give you an option of where to ship from and some that don't.
(If a product doesn't have that option on aliexpress then maybe you shouldn't add it to your product.)

If you find a product which offers a ships from option then when are importing that, it will add the ships from attribute for you anyway and the product should ems up with that option when published. If it does not the you can tick that attribute back on the product edit page to make it appear.
Thank you so much for the reply but this is not exactly what i am looking for. your method is good but tedious. I have thousands of product and cant do it on a product level. I am looking for something robust and dynamic.
Thank you for taking the time to reply. :)
I thought that might be the case. It would be good to know if there's an answer. There may be wp plugin.

One other way that comes to mind is a risky one.
You could use an import / export database plugin. Export your product table, open it in excel, find the flag for shipping option and copy the on option to all cells in that column. Save as CSV then import it back in to your database.
This is risky if you are not experienced in that kind of thing.

If you are experienced in mysql databases you could also login to myphp on your cpanel, find the table and turn that option on for all products.

I've had to do those things in the past but I wouldn't recommend without a guide from someone that knows what they're doing.

Perhaps some of the alidropship designers who might read this know which field is the right one to change?

Do the products all actually have multiple ships from options on aliexpress? I don't it would even work without that anyway.