Supplier Ships The Product 10 minutes After It Was Placed


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I got my second order today! But the weird thing was after I automatically placed the order, the seller shipped it 10 minutes later LOL

Should I be worried? The seller has been selling for 5 years and the rating is above average

I contacted them and they replied like this

Have anyone encountered something like this?


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Wow you are lucky
Yeah, and I notice that they send shipping code faster when you choose Aliexpress Standard Shipping. All of my customers received their packages and no complain so far.

It's like they already sent their products to Ali warehouse and then it's automatically send the shipping code when we place the order.

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That's bullshit. They have not shipped yet. They're just getting the fomality of clicking the "shipped" notification over and done with. They do it in bulk to a list of orders to save time. Then they actually ship the order later. Crappy eBay sellers do the same thing. I have ordered things from Australian eBay sellers at 11pm at night and get a "Order shipped" email 30 minutes later. The Post Office is not open at 11.30 pm! They really ship it the following morning. They are just sellers with totally crap order processing proceedures. But as long as they eventually DO ship it ... I'm not too concerned.


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Lol I didn't know that. But the thing is they didn't change the tracking and I was able to track it all the way thru. Oh well, if it works, don't fix it lol

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This is a dirty trick to avoid cancellations.
I seriously doubt it. They would have to be getting a huge number of cancellations to even think of such a thing, and even then it would not do them much good because of the 45-day refund guarantee. It's just plain laziness. Simple as that.

Most orders cannot be cancelled once shipped.
None can. The item is on the way. But it's easy enough to claim it never arrived and get a refund. All the sellers would have had heaps of experience with that.

It's simply not a practical solution for avoiding order cancellations. If a customer does not want an item, then in one way or another, the seller is not going to get any money for it. And they know that, of course. It will also negatively affect the sellers rating if they continually ship orders late.

It's just not worth it for sellers to do that to "avoid cancellations". Unless you can point to the source of the evidence for the claim that they do.