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Hello i am new member on this forum. I am from Russia and it is my first visit foreign forum. My English not good therefore excuse me:)
At us, in Russia, dropshipping poorly developed. We have a dropshipping companies, but they are not profitable to work, because they are cheating dropshippers. I have read about foreign dropshipping companies and not so all well and there.
I decided to try to do it yourself - to look for cheaper goods and sell it more expensive. As a seller of goods, I chose China, and as a buyer - the United States. It's probably the most popular of the bunch, I think. I don't know what's gonna happen, but this is my first experience. At least I'm interested in it to learn.
I do not have an online store, because I do not yet have the experience and means to create and promote it. So I decided to start with trading platforms in the likeness of Ebay. I began to study the price of the same product on Aliexpress and Ebay. I noticed that a lot of goods which can be found on the cheap on Aliexpress you can also find on Ebay. The Chinese sell it at the same price as Aliexpress. In this regard I have a question - how to date you do dropshipping? What schemes for dropshipping relevant today? Thanks


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If you are a high volume eBay sallers, take a look at the following ten eBay tools that will help you for increasing your converiosn rates
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and if you are still struggling with ebay dropshipping setup then let me know for a detial guide on it.
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