1. D

    Alidropship Plugin

    For sale Alidropship plugin with lifetime license for only 60 dollar
  2. workfromhome

    Create Your First ManyChat Account for FREE. - Free Training Course

    A lot of Dropshippers are suffering from low website traffic from their E-commerce Store and most of them have a minimum amount of visitors from their website. The thing is there is one simple solution to your problem and that is ManyChat Messenger Marketing . This transformational messenger...
  3. Dréviv

    Fashion dropshipping store for sale

    I am selling one of my running mobile friendly fashion dropshipping store with 650+ products. Built on WordPress platform. https://www.dreviv.com/ If you like the store but have a domain already, Can give you the files for the exact site. What's included 1. Alidropship Woo Plugin Original price...
  4. J

    Pay for all aliexpress orders in a single order

    Hello, can you add the button to pay for all orders at the same time on aliexpress in the chrome alidropship extension (in the next update please)? I see that shopify (oberlo) offers it but not the chrome alidropship extension, this would be beneficial for the users of the plugin, allowing us...
  5. T

    Getting error while configuring a dropshipping store

    I want to set up my WooCommerce store using the dropified plugin. I have created an online store but when I am going to configure it I am having some issues. I have also gone through several resources to resolve my issue but I don't know where I am getting an error...
  6. Chuck

    I am Aliexpress Top Brand seller, we're looking for partners.

    hi everyone, I am Chuck. a Aliexpress Top Brand seller, From Guangzhou, China. We specialize in marketing fashionable hip-hop and Japanese-style garment, and we offer the latest styles in vogue. We have a well-established supply chain and all our products have passed rigorous quality control...
  7. Alisa

    Dropshipping Winning Product Group, Welcome to Join

    Join this Group: 1. Find winning product, Find powerfully supplier. 2. ask any question about China supplier. Shipping. Cost. after sales agreement and so on. 3. reduce the cost. improve the shipping. improve order efficiency. and so on. Notice : This group is only for Drop shipper and...
  8. Ryan

    Store Conversion Rate (Poll)

    Hope you will be responsive, folk!
  9. BaldwinJackson

    Looking For WooCommerce Dropship Store Migration Tips

    I am currently hosting multiple dropshipping store on different shared hosting which cost me around $16 per month. Recently I have seen a post on Facebook dropshipping community that you can host multiple stores on single cloud hosting account. So what I am looking for is some suggestion from...
  10. R

    SEO Title Alt

    Hi I want to ask, Im starting to apply SEO. Do I need to reupload all the image of the product? to change the Title, Alt, caption, description?
  11. shopifyexpert


  12. A

    Website for search Best item to dropshiping or viral item now

    Hi, just want to askk if are website or other way to search viral item now or seach the best item is selling I known this website but have to pay i want free. I known dropspy an ecom are the best , what dropshippers use or method ? https://dropship-spy.com http://www.ecomhunt.com...
  13. N

    The Chinese on Ebay

    Hello i am new member on this forum. I am from Russia and it is my first visit foreign forum. My English not good therefore excuse me:) At us, in Russia, dropshipping poorly developed. We have a dropshipping companies, but they are not profitable to work, because they are cheating dropshippers...
  14. Ahmednew

    Just looking around

    Good luck for all :)
  15. A

    Question about Dropshipping products ...

    Hi, I'm not new to digital marketing but am very new to dropshipping. .. So I set up a new store using woocommerce a few months ago, connected payment and didn't do anything except SEO and then left it there. Suddenly, I have some sales. So I went to Aliexpress to order the goods, and have...
  16. Alisa

    I am aliexpress seller, waiting for your question

    hello everyone, I am Alisa. From ChipRound Technology Co.,Ltd. ShenZhen, China. I have 4 year experience works as aliexpress seller. I could answer mostly of question about dropshipping on aliexpress. 1. how to choose cooperation store? 2. how to choose fast shipping method? 3. how to...
  17. vfwsxe

    Refund Policy for Dropshipping stores

    First, I want to say that I searched the forum for the answer to my question with no results. If this was answered in a previous thread already, I'm sorry I was unable to find it. My question is this: What do you use for your refund policy on your dropshipping sites? Aliexpress has varied...
  18. Arec Long

    1000k $ month drop shipping, my most successful client.

    Here I want to share my customer how to get 1 mil $/ month, this story is inspiring. It is TRIANGL, a successful story. When they began to do Shopify, only 2 person, they go broke, came to Hongkong from Australia. They design their own products and look for good factories, we provide warehouse...
  19. D

    From $0 - $9,500 in 17 days with only $250 Ad spend!!!

    This case study is mainly to encourage those who might be thinking of giving up. After trying to do a store for months and failing, I hired someone to do them for me, non the less she succeeded. Understanding what I was doing wrong was the problem. But I kept at it until about 17 days ago when I...
  20. Z

    Supplier issue

    Hi I am beginner Drop shipper located in Spain using two platform eBay and aliexpress, I listed some product on eBay really work, 12 sells in 2 days, obviously I did not know in China there's national holiday, I ordered some of this product but I did not get tracking number for a...