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I sell items via dropshipping through Aliexpress. For a few months now you also receive an invoice from Aliexpress, which was different before. However, on this invoice is used as billing address, the shipping address of my customer and not my address.

It should be so that my address in Germany, as well as the invoice with 19% VAT and not the VAT. Rate of the customer (eg from the USA) is issued. I am the buyer of the merchant's goods on Aliexpress and not my customer.

How do you handle this? Do you write your own receipts for the goods purchased from Aliexpress or is there a way to store the billing address separately with Aliexpress? The support could not help me here.

Thank you for any constructive answer!

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Faced with the same situation
After 4 days of trying to communicate with Aliexpress customer service, I found a solution.
You contact Alibaba Customer Service, they refer you to Aliexpress global manager, and they solve the problem for you.