1. mookiex4

    Is there an Export Plugin to import CSV to another shop?

    Good Day all, I was wondering since the AliDropship Plugin does not offer CSV export to be imported to any other site, such as Ebay or Bonanza as an example, I was wondering if there was anything available that would do this for me that actually works. I have tried many of the plugins and...
  2. N

    The Chinese on Ebay

    Hello i am new member on this forum. I am from Russia and it is my first visit foreign forum. My English not good therefore excuse me:) At us, in Russia, dropshipping poorly developed. We have a dropshipping companies, but they are not profitable to work, because they are cheating dropshippers...
  3. H

    Ali to eBay

    I am looking for a good program/app to import to ebay. Also looking for any cashback options available from ali. Thank you in advance for any suggestions :)
  4. Z

    Supplier issue

    Hi I am beginner Drop shipper located in Spain using two platform eBay and aliexpress, I listed some product on eBay really work, 12 sells in 2 days, obviously I did not know in China there's national holiday, I ordered some of this product but I did not get tracking number for a...
  5. S

    Hi All - before buy alidropship plugin want to ask 8 questions

    Hi All - before buy alidropship plugin want to ask 8 questions Dear kindly guide me in proper way I am newbie in drop shipping but i am seo and ppc expert i have an interest in alidropship but few question to ask 1- can i able to import ebay , amazon and ali baba products as well ? 2-...