Need advice on launching drop shipping store in the fashion segment + payment gateway


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Hi All,

I currently operate one site with ali partnership in the deals and discount niche and soon to launch another one in home decor. I am new to the drop shipping scene and have been following this forum on posts related to setup, niche and payment gateway. I am from India and need advice or suggestions both from Indian as well as international drop shippers.

Drop Shipping Niche - Fashion, Clothing
Demographic - India or International (will be based on what payment gateway I can allocate to my store)
Payment gateway - (Instamojo for India and Paypal for International audience)
FB Advertising Budget - $30 (I know its not much but I will scale up based on the results I get from my store)
Platform - Davinchi Theme along with Alidropship Plugin

General Questions:

1. Do we only require to register an account on Aliexpress to place orders from our store? or they have a separate account for drop shippers?

Questions for folks from India:

1. Instamojo offers international credit card payments which is available on request. Has anyone tried applying for it and succeeded?
2. If instamojo is your primary payment gateway, how soon can you withdraw/transfer money to your bank account?
3. If you are drop shipping in India, what is the maximum delivery time you quote for free shipping in India (for example 30 days, 45 days etc)
4. Is it optional or mandatory to have GST number for Indian drop shippers using Paypal as payment gateway on their store?

Questions for folks worldwide:

1. When setting up Paypal in your store, do you activate both Paypal + Express cart or just Paypal to collect payments? (because the alidropship walk through tutorial only shows a check on Paypal not the express cart)
2. Have you ever had any incidence of charge back or refunds with clients. If so, was Paypal pro or against you?

P.S. - I did not realize I was submitting a post under Social Rabbit suggestions. I would request moderators to move this thread in Dropshipping with Aliexpress >> Ask Me Anything. TY.


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