1. S

    Payment gateway for India?Aliwoo or Ali standard?

    I'm newbie to this forum.Im from India. Could someone help me which Payment gateways i can use to cover indian and global customers preferably US. Saw in one of post aliwoo supports paypal(for global)+instamojo(for india). Do i need to buy any plugin to implement in aliwoo plugin this combo or...
  2. finderskeepers

    Need advice on launching drop shipping store in the fashion segment + payment gateway

    Hi All, I currently operate one site with ali partnership in the deals and discount niche and soon to launch another one in home decor. I am new to the drop shipping scene and have been following this forum on posts related to setup, niche and payment gateway. I am from India and need advice or...
  3. K

    Instamojo Plugin fails

    Hi, I registered with Instamojo and used the API key, Auth Token and Salt inside the AliDropShip Plugin. But on the live site once I select Credit Card and click proceed. It does not move to the Payment Gateway page but gives error. Tried contacting the Instamojo Support but below is the reply...