1. Rytis Jonas

    Internet payment service with reliable purchase protection for buyers (in case if something goes wrong), like PayPal or eBay, but with lower fees ?

    Anyone know about some internet payment service which would have reliable purchase protection for buyers (in case if something goes wrong with the receiving of a purchased item) ? Similar buyer protection like PayPal or eBay, but with lower fees? Because eBay for its buyer protection charges...
  2. K

    [Selling] Steam keys Random and Premium Region free | Spotify Premium 12 months account full access | Freepik Premium | Nordvpn premium

    Steam keys Random Global Spotify premium account 12months / 1year steam premium keys global Nordvpn premium 2022/2023 Freepik Premium...
  3. C

    Paypal Payments on HOLD...why?

    Hello friends, I tried couple of test payments (on PAYPAL) on my website before opening it to public. All the payments are on HOLD in Paypal. Do you know the reason? Which payment gateway would you recommend ? Regards Som
  4. daniel-97

    Smart Paypal Buttons (Pay via Paypal and on-site Credit Card)

    I just know about this today :oops: Can we add this at checkout? And is it good to put it on our product's page? Don't see many thread about this Paypal function so if anyone's using this, some comments will be appreciated! Document:
  5. sha77

    Customers being charged the wrong prices on PayPal

    The prices I get from AliExpress are in USD, which is the default in the AliDropship plugin. These are converted to EURO by the AliDropship currency exchange plugin every 24 hours. However, when a customer is buying a product they are taken to PayPal, which use their own currency exchange rate...
  6. V

    PayPal is not working.

    We are US based store. PayPal worked till May. Since May, I have few hundred abandoned carts and not even a single sale through PayPal. I checked with 2 of my PayPal accounts. PayPal charge. PayPal charge customers account as unclaimed. However they receive messages that they successfully paid...
  7. D

    2Checkout inline with paypal option bugged

    It says no items in the shopping cart and there are! Also the modal that carries this message is unable to close
  8. D

    Nobody likes paypal?

    I am having multiple abandoned carts, I guess it's because I only have paypal enabled. Wanted to use Stripe but I cant because it doesnt support my country, what can i do?
  9. P

    New PayPal Integration Not Working On Social APPS Like Facebook & Instagram

    I integrate new PayPal correctly which is given in Alidropship Help Blog and It is working fine on laptops and PC and even on mobile browsers like Chrome and other web browsers But when my customers open my website through social apps like on facebook app. And then they try to checkout through...
  10. B

    Aliexpress Doesn't Accept Paypal?

    Hello, I recently ran a test sale and had a friend purchase a product of my site. When i went to process the order it sends me to the product checkout page on Aliexpress. However, there is no where to enter paypal information so i can process the sale on the ali express end.This has become an...
  11. bingbang

    Payment Gateway for UK Dropshipper

    Hi Guys, I have set up my drop-ship store, have around 400 items, web-store all corrected (description and pictures etc.), and now I am ready to begin with promoting my website. But, before I can do that, I guess I need to set up my payment gateway. Since I am in the UK, plus I have PayPal...
  12. F

    Payment gateway Help

    Hi, can anyone recommend best payment gateway for the middle east region. Anyone tat dropship in the middle east? What payment gateway you use. Thank you :)
  13. mduncanvm

    What PayPal Plugin for AliWoo are you using?

    I am not sure I like the one I am using, it creates a popup, blacks out the page and leads away to Paypal. Is there a nice one that stays on the checkout of the site? I am afraid people click away and I don't capture all the data on my site as they right away click to paypal and then maybe not...
  14. S

    IPN for paypal

    Hello fam, What is the IPN link for payment notifiction for the new alidropship plugin?
  15. D

    Show Multi-Currency at Paypal Checkout Page

    Hi, How can i show customers selected local currency at Paypal Checkout page. I need advice. Thank you
  16. finderskeepers

    Need advice on launching drop shipping store in the fashion segment + payment gateway

    Hi All, I currently operate one site with ali partnership in the deals and discount niche and soon to launch another one in home decor. I am new to the drop shipping scene and have been following this forum on posts related to setup, niche and payment gateway. I am from India and need advice or...
  17. Mark W.

    How do I set up a Paypal Personal account?

    I tried following how to set up the Paypal API credentials from this: but now all I see on Paypal when I click on "Seller Preferences" is this: and nothing more about the API credentials. Any help would be...
  18. L

    Paypal business account here, accepts only if the client has already a paypal account

    Hello i ve read many answers in the forum regarding the matter but i have no clear picture about the matter of Paypal business account. I have a paypal business account,i can accept paypal payments when clients buy products but only if they have a paypal account. Why they cant buy using credit...
  19. KhairulA

    PayPal IPN Settings

    Hi guys, I've got my site configured with PayPal as per this guide: Now I'm wondering if it supports PayPal IPN? Use cases: - if PayPal can't transact for any reason; it notifies the site to update the Order status (Void Order)...
  20. J

    Price difference between alidropship checkout and the one displayed on paypal page

    Hi, anyone can explain and advise why there is a price difference for a sample product in alidropship - checkout (example is $10.95) versus the price shown on paypal payment page (example is $9.95). There is a decrease in price from alidropship to paypal. please help.