1. Nyuysoni1

    Installment/monthly payment for customers

    Hi Anyone with an idea of any plugin that can help remedey the situation? I wish to offer installment payment for some selected customers using PayPal as my gateway now. Something like a preapproved payment so they can easily afford expensive items. Please help
  2. Nova

    Help me to get any Payment Gateway

    Hello, Someone, please help me. I'm trying to connect any payment gateway.. and no results :( First of all, i've tried to connect a PayPal. Because i'm from Russia and i can't use a personal account, there is no API options, it's only at Business account. I created a Business account, sent...
  3. C

    Changing Paypal E-mail Address

    I want to change the e-mail I used for Paypal. It refers to my previous website. If I change it to my new email, do I need to get new API's? Thanks.
  4. G

    How to manage paypal disputes and return/refunds ?

    Hello Mates, Can you please help How to manage paypal disputes and return/refunds ? Thank you
  5. A

    Payment gateway for overseas buyers on Indian store

    Hi kindly respond:If i integrate Paypal + Payumoney on online store(India) using alidropship plugin then how my overseas customers who does not have a paypal account are going to pay using credit/debit card? 1.can they pay or they can't? 2.which payment gateways do you suggest if not this...
  6. Max B

    PayPal Payment Pending

    Hi I have an issue. Right now I have got a few payments that are Pending through PayPal. Yet the Alidropship plugin is saying that the item is Paid status. Is there a way to have a Pending Status so I accidentally dont order the item before getting the money? Right now the plugin thinks that...
  7. Tivan

    Problem with paypal

    Hi. I new here. Btw when i pretend to make a purchase, then click the "check out with paypal box" then it say : we were sorrry, we were unable to unsuccessfully process this transaction. Please for help me solve this problem. Thank you Tivan
  8. Moha

    Paypal - personal vs business account?

    Hi, Need support from seniors here. I have a PayPal personal account which is linked to my ebay store. Can I use that account in my site? If yes, how do I show website name instead of my email in checkout?
  9. mushrukh

    removing paypal and western union image

    Hi @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova is there a method to remove the image of paypal and western union from the theme page at footer as I am applying for 2checkout payment gateway and at the time of review they might see my store and disapprove the application. Please if its possible to remove this...
  10. mushrukh

    Two Payment Gateway with Two Different currency

    Hi Integerated 2 payment gateway on alidrop standard version Paypal ( for International Use) and Instamojo (for Indian Customers as they cant pay through paypal ) . But only one can run smoothly and I am stuck I don`t Know what to do. Any Help? or any suggestion?
  11. tobyhughes18

    PayPal Issue Abandoned Cart

    Hi, When I set up my store, I tested the buying process and it worked fine. I tried again today and I am having issues. When I clicked 'check out with paypal' it took me to paypal where i click pay now and it fails every time and returns me to my home page with still an item in my cart. When...
  12. T

    New site, first forum post - SEO & Paypal

    Hi Guys, Its my first time to post in this forum. I've started my dropshipping store back in April, I've launched my site about 2 months ago. I advertised through facebook and instagram and had a give away as well. I got traffic (less than 100) from both instagram...
  13. Sead83

    about phone & address paypal setup

    Hi I'm new to the Dropship business. I have some question about Paypal setup and phone & address in the store. I'm currently setting my first store and I want to target US mostly but wondering how can I get US real phone number and address for free is possible? Also, i want to setup my Paypal...
  14. R

    Papal Not Supported !

    Hi, I'm try to configure paypal with my store according to your tutorial. But the paypal is not supported with my country. I'm Sri Lankan. Paypal said that, the Sri lanka is not supporting to receive money through paypal. So now What I do..? Please guide me. I'm new to alidropship and now...
  15. R

    Stuck with Configure Payment Methods

    Hi, I'm new to alidropship and setting up my store. At the moment just stuck with configure payment methods in my store. First of all I follow your guidelines( and try to configure Paypal. But it's confused me...
  16. Raff

    Is Paypal now available on AliExpress? Look at this.

    I got my very FIRST SALE on my webstore, and when i processed the order i found out that AliExpress has a Paypal option as payment method.
  17. A

    Fraud sales due to stolen CC info

    I think I received a fraud sale. It is a big order involving many items bought (not surprising). Paypal did not block the payment or alert me, but I suspect something fishy when I tried to email the buyer and the emails that the "customer" gave me all cannot be used (including the Paypal...
  18. Hammad Hussain

    Payment Gatewats for Pakistani User

    Hello forum members, I have purchased the alidropship plugin and almost completed my e-commerce store development but I am stuck on payments options don't know which one is best and easy to approve for Pakistani users, As many of you know that Paypal doesn't allow Pakistani users so this is...
  19. Bamise

    Paypal Expert | Need your attention!:confused:

    Please if you are used to paypal please kindly look at the images attached. 1.What do they mean by Paypal 3rd Party ? 2. API Access 3. Permission | why do i have to permit another API, when i dont even have one before?:confused: Please opinion ?
  20. K

    Paypal Express Checkout Integration Issues!!!

    @Victoria Kudryashova @Yaros @kingpin @neeraj89 @Igor @Direct Webstore @The Dropper My Paypal is transffered to Paypal Business Account and I have integrated the APIs and it is working well. Now can i please ask for the suggestion for Express Checkout wherein my customers dont need to create...