1. K

    Order not captured on postback from Paypal (Mobile only)

    on PC everything works as it should, but on mobile, for some reason when paypal authorizes the payment, the user is redirected back to the site with the following example parameters in the url: but...
  2. Mermaiden

    Multiple Stores and one PayPal account

    Has anyone successfully used one business PayPal account for multiple stores? I keep receiving an error that the payment cannot be made and many orders are showing as "payment failed." I have added multiple email address to my PayPal account and created a separate payment page for each store...
  3. Hussam

    I am STUCK???

    Hi everyone Ok so last February was my 17th birthday and as a gift from my parents I received 950 dollars (I dunno why they couldn't add 50 more so don't ask) plus they opened me a bank account. In the next few days I started pursing my dream which is to have my own clothing brand but I had to...
  4. jubran

    2Checkout On-Site Credit Card Payments

    Hello, Since I am in Israel, the only option for fast credit card processing is currently 2Checkout. I see that all the other options in the credit cards section are on-site but the 2Checkout one. This is definitely very important to be sorted out since having it on-site is much better and...
  5. A

    PayPal redirection not working

    hi, if i want to checkout with paypal or paypal express i will redirect to sorry failer page. i cant sell anything. please help
  6. chrischiang

    Paypal Problem - Not working express checkout - No response

    Hi Yaros, I just installed the plugin and theme. Now I am working on the payment section. I have business paypal account. After getting the API details and I followed the instructions placing all API details in the payment section of the plugin. I can see paypal express checkout on my product...
  7. W

    PayPal Express Checkout not working for additional currencies

    Hello everyone, I have a weird problem with the CheckOut with PayPal button. When the currency is set to USD it works without a problem, if it's set to anything else (EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD....) I receive the following error message Any help would be appreciated
  8. S

    Paypal payment gateway question

    Hello.. if i want to make another ecommerce using woocommerce. paypal payment gateway in paypal token im setting the return url to my woocommerce url, is that can take effect with my alidropship return thanks url? because in alidropship we only use paypal API not ever set the return url. thanks.
  9. Shays

    Paypal error 10486, redirect back to paypal?

    Hey, I have encountered an error in my store (and also in SocialRabbit when I tried purchasing) that whenever a transaction fails on Paypal with an error 10486, it redirects back to the store with a message of failed payment. The error though doesn't actually imply on a bad card, as the payment...
  10. neeraj89

    Paypal business or personal account?

    Hey Guys, Do i need a business account or personal is ok? will paypal objects, if i receive recurring payments under personal paypay ac? Please share your experiences.. Thanks.
  11. ZbigniewPL

    Credit Card Integration - How and where to register ?

    Hello everyone I've already tried to register on 2checkout, but they do not accept dropshipping stores. I'd like to ask You guys Do you have CC integrated? Which service You have chosen ? How did You register? Did You need to send any doccuments or etc? Is it possible without registered...