New site, first forum post - SEO & Paypal

Hi Guys,

Its my first time to post in this forum.
I've started my dropshipping store back in April, I've launched my site about 2 months ago.
I advertised through facebook and instagram and had a give away as well.
I got traffic (less than 100) from both instagram and FB but there's no add to cart/abandoned cart activity.

My questions are:

1. Is having only paypal as a payment gateway good enough? I mean would it make a big difference if I have something else?

2. I've been thinking of hiring an SEO expert from India to get more traffic to my website and atleast be seen on google. Is it worth it? or do you have anyone to recommend? I was looking into instagram shoutouts as well, I read that Yaros used mainly this in one of his website if I am correct.

And one last thing,

Is my site good enough or does it look unprofessional, does anyone have any suggestions to improve it?

Hope someone out there is kind enough to share some knowledge. :)

P. S. I'm not hoping to get rich quick or anything like that I just want to have extra dollars for holidays :D. I might even fail on this one yet but I will try and try again :D who knows I might nail it one day.



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SEO + Efficient Content marketing strategy is good way to go. Once you got good SERP, you can reduce your paid campaign budgets.