1. L

    Easily Manage Multiple Accounts of Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr in Lalicat Browser With 911 Proxy / Smartproxy.

    1. What are Proxies Used For? Proxies give our customers an advantage in accessing the internet with full anonymity. Private proxies in particular can be used in either HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS5 modes. We deliver an unparalleled service when it comes to providing you with the most secure and fastest...
  2. A

    Please check my robot.txt .Anything wrong or all okay?

    Kindly check my robots.txt and say. Do I need to change anything?.. The problem occurs because of images...What do I have to change in robots.txt to not google scroll alicdn images? User-agent: * Disallow: /cgi-bin Allow: /wp-includes/js Allow: /wp-includes/css Disallow: /wp-includes...
  3. GreekDropshiper

    Problem With SEO | Can Anyone Give A Hand Please ?

    Greetings my friends. Now days i am trying to fix everything that has to do with SEO on my home page and on all product categories before i start import any products. Got 2 problems. 1) Home page meta derscription of my store on google show the phone number, contact details, street and email...
  4. omnipip

    Organic growth and sales

    Why have ads if when people reach your website they dont convert? or even buy more? or even come back?? If you are interested in knowing more about organic growth i will be answering some questions in the coments! Thank you everyone for all the support
  5. B

    Un Error de el tema Davinci me ha costado caro en el SEO || KILL SEO DAVINCI

    El tema Davinci tiene un error que duplica el contenido de los productos, lo que a ojos de Google es muy malo. El problema de Davinci está en las categorías. Si analizas en Google Search Consolé cualquier página de las categorías de tu tienda te dará como resultado, la indexación de la categoría...
  6. elfrost

    -> Boost Your Dropship Store Ranking With This Link Building Strategy <-

    Bulk Order discount is available, PM me for details. We will refund the amount if we are not able to deliver the work report within 3 weeks from the order date without any information. Custom orders are available. Information Needed: URL of the Site to be promoted Main Keywords (up to 5) LSI...
  7. R

    Drive ORGANIC keywords traffic to your website.

    For $10 ONLY, I will drive at least 3000 organic search traffic to your website for positive SEO, with about 200 visitors per day for 15 Days. The visitors will be shown in your Google Analytics Dashboard so you can check every details including: Traffic Type (organic) Source (Google, Bing...
  8. Omor Faruk

    Shipping & information to set up Google merchant center

    Hi, I am using this website , i want to increase my sale for this i bought some plugin , One of them is google merchant plugin , To set up the plugin need shipping method & taxes information ,Where i can find out this type of information please help me about it Thank you
  9. elfrost

    1st Page Ranker is live! (get tons of traffic at no cost…)

    Look, there comes a time where you just need to hop over and buy the darn thing when you’re given a link like this: Imagine being able to click a few buttons and set yourself up with multiple page one rankings that gets traffic in 24 hours. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well...
  10. deep.sandeep

    Google Search Console crawling errors.

    Hello, Is there anyone added your website to Google Search Console?? I am added my website to Google Search Console, I submitted Sitemap.xml file. After that i tested Website URL. I result i saw that URLs crawled but they have issues. I am sending you screenshots. Please check those and if...
  11. ismaelhaider

    Essential Items Store For Sale

    Hello all, I am selling store, Here is my link All Prodcuts SEO Optimized. Social Profiles ( Instagram post, IGTV Videos, Facebook, Youtube Product Videos,Twitter) Live Chat Integrated Multilanguage website using Google translate Security Hardening on Website No...
  12. Areeb

    Not making sales??

    Hi Fellowers, I am a freelancer and a service provider and can be your business analyst, e-Commerce specialist, mar-com technologist, content creator, digital marketer, SEO expert and personal virtual assistant… Following are some services which I can provide you: AS A RESEARCHER I can...
  13. Cam

    Google search console Error

    Hi, Please how to fix these two ERROR message with google search console -Content wider than screen -Clickable elements too close together Thank You
  14. D

    SEO for product categories

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to set the Meta Tags of the product categories as I noticed it has a predefined one, but don't know where to change it to set it to all categories automatically.
  15. T

    Additional Services

    I think additional services like SEO, SEM and social media marketing service packages, advert design etc would be a good offer for newbies from Alidropship. Help customers to get on the road to there first sale. There are a lot of rogue elements out there offering these services. Social Rabbit...
  16. R

    SEO Title Alt

    Hi I want to ask, Im starting to apply SEO. Do I need to reupload all the image of the product? to change the Title, Alt, caption, description?
  17. Tristan

    Built in Home Page SEO is linking to my blog page

    When I google my website the Home Page option under SEO is linked to my blog and not the home page? Please refer to the photo attached to see what im talking about.
  18. AryanShirani

    Images are better on server or not ?

    Now that we have a new update that changes images names the title of the product, should we upload on server or not for SEO, what do you think guys ?
  19. J

    MALWARE in ALIDROPSHIP FILES? Malicious activities in my site! -- NEW UPDATE: Website CAN NOT Be accessed on MOST COUNTRIES!

    Hello.. i saw some malicious activities in my site. It came from Alidropship IP address. I don't know is it a normal activities or there is a malware in Alidropship file? Still not sure. If there is some malware in files, then it will not good for our SEO rank in Google
  20. Aashish mathesul

    I want total webmanager for my store

    this website is a Website of selling bestsellerstore products to Indians from aliexpress. I want a paid webmanager who will work on commission basis to promote sell manage and process all orders on this website. Customers data from india will be provided with email and phone numbers.all legal...