1. ahmadtalal0786

    How to rename the media for better SEO when importing

    Hi, I would like to know that while importing the product, how i can rename the media file for better seo, is there any option available in import plugin, if not then is there any possibility to be available in future because when i import a product they have very weird names. if there is no...
  2. Freestyler86

    Googlebot access

    Hello, Anyone know how to fix the following issue? Here is the SEO Check website: Resources blocked by robots.txt 23 CSS or javascript files are blocked Blocked page resources:
  3. AryanShirani

    Blog, should we use same website or dedicated blog site ?

    Hi, i would like to know what you suggest for SEO pourpose, i would like to start writing articles, but i don't know if is better to create a dedicated website or keep the same website, what do you think ?
  4. Vladimir Unguru

    Suggestions for the DaVinci theme

    I'm using the DaVinci theme because I like it very much. So, I wanted to see if it's compliant to Google's requirements in terms of SEO, and it failed the structured data test for the pages where a list of products is displayed. Fortunately it's very easy to correct this. The file in question...
  5. G

    Yoast SEO compatible with alidropship ?

    Hello Team, Yoast SEO plugin is compatible with alidropship ?
  6. G

    How to SEO Settings for blog posts ?

    Hello friends, How to enable SEO settings (meta contents) for blog posts in alidropship ?
  7. T

    New site, first forum post - SEO & Paypal

    Hi Guys, Its my first time to post in this forum. I've started my dropshipping store back in April, I've launched my site about 2 months ago. I advertised through facebook and instagram and had a give away as well. I got traffic (less than 100) from both instagram...
  8. G

    Meta description for sub category pages

    Hello Team, @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova Some minor bugs in Meta description for sub category pages. The category name is missing. How to fix this ?
  9. G

    Home page and blog page shows same title - How to change ?

    Hello Team, Home page and blog page shows same title. It is bad impact on seo. How to change the header title of blog page ?
  10. Stuart Gibson

    Niche related articles

    I'm just curious to know how many people in this community write their own articles to help promote their site. How many have you wrote? Did they get good feedback? Do you use any SEO tools? Do you have recommendations for others to help them improve their stores? Feedback would be good. I...
  11. I

    Randomize Products

    I'm using davinci theme. I want to randomize products on my front page. The reason is that my update cycle is staggered like a week or more. The site is stuck with the same products all the time. This gives a static look and loss of customers as they think we have nothing new. Also, this is not...
  12. R

    SEO keyword

    Hi guys, want to ask something, is the default product title on aliexpress seo friendly? I mean changing or not, which choice will be better for search engine optimization? Thanks
  13. P

    W3C valid

    Hello, The themes included with the AliDropship plugin are not W3C valid. This can be achieved with some simple fixes. Would boost my SEO a bit :-) See:
  14. A

    Product Descriptions

    Does anyone just import the products and launch their site without optimizing the descriptions? The descriptions seem to be a mess for SEO. I imported a lot of products but have opted to rewrite and fine tune the SEO of 10 products, to start, before I launch the site. What do you think? Any tips?
  15. waterlion

    Enable Auto-Update or Quick-Update for the SEO fields per product

    The SEO fields for each product are set by default to their imported values. I would like to suggest having a 'quick update' on the product page that updates the SEO fields to the new Title set by the user. This is just a quality-of-life request. Thank you.
  16. S

    Hi All - before buy alidropship plugin want to ask 8 questions

    Hi All - before buy alidropship plugin want to ask 8 questions Dear kindly guide me in proper way I am newbie in drop shipping but i am seo and ppc expert i have an interest in alidropship but few question to ask 1- can i able to import ebay , amazon and ali baba products as well ? 2-...
  17. Simos

    SEO Advice - What is your SEO strategy?

    In this thread feel free to contribute with your SEO Strategy/Advice or ask any questions you might have regarding SEO. Let's get a nice thing going :) I'm in the process of setting up SEO for my store. Currently adding keywords on products. I notice that Aliexpress sellers cramp as many...