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Hi guys, want to ask something, is the default product title on aliexpress seo friendly? I mean changing or not, which choice will be better for search engine optimization?
hello everybody
i use original alidrop and not the woo version .. ok
usally on eatch sheet with wordpress or woocommerce products sheet, its possible for eatch seeh to chang balise title meta description, balist H1 H2 H3 to have spécifique différents keyword and méta description différents for eatch sheet to have a good seo ???
but im very surprised, with the original version without woocommerce, its impossible, to change for eatch shett, when you start with the seo you write at the beginning title descrition and same keywords for all the sames for all sheet alltogether ..
for me future niche website i have 50 différents keywords to use and distribute differently between each page ...?
how can i do ?????
is it possible to do it with the woocommmerce alodropship version ???
thanks to answer me please !
see you
AliDropship plugin is an additional piece of technology that you can install on your WordPress website. It will work with WooCommerce as well!
I'am not an expert but from what I have read so far it s better if you reduce it to a simple, short description like the 1. Item you are selling, + 2 Descriptions. If you are selling a baby stroller the description could be Light Foldable Stroller , if there is something relevant that will get the attention of the costumer you can add it (like if it has more than 1 item. but try to be simple.

Thats my 2cents, hope that helps and if someoe has a better explanation feel free to correct me.

Lucas Vicente