1. Sir_Oda

    ➥ Cheap Marketing Courses

    ✦ Reselling popular and highly-ranked digital courses on Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing and SMMA. ✧ These courses originally cost between $1000-$5000, but we sell them for far cheaper. ✧ We offer many courses from highly successful authors, economists, businessmen and marketing experts. ✦...
  2. A

    It’s About Time For You To Learn TikTok Marketing!

    It’s About Time For You To Learn TikTok Marketing! You need to make a good start with TikTok if you want to be successful with it. In March 2019 there had been over 1 billion installs of TikTok. There are over 500 million...
  3. R

    Help Need in Payment Processor

    Hi every One, I am currently doing work on a multiple niche dropshipping website and wish to start earning from this business in one year. I have few questions if anyone knows kindly share with me. I am specially requesting the Alidropship Support Team. 1. Do you all Guys Thinks, That Having...
  4. A


    Hi, I want to share the tool i use for a long time in my website and get me results. You want to share our page to a group and get likes? Do you want to join a specific group? Want to share a product you want to sell? Get traffic!! Well, this is a perfect solution for you !!! TEST FOR 1...
  5. D

    Need advice about social media management (maybe social marketing companies)

    Hello, I have been runinng my site for the past 4-5 months. I shared a lot of stuff on FB and instagram and gained followers around 100 people on each. But there is no sales so far. I started to think that I kind of do somethings wrong but don't know what. Can you give me some advice on this...
  6. pravin.p

    [SOLD] Selling Webrily tool for $10

    Hello, I am selling my Webrily account, I never got to using this tool since I sold my dropshipping stores. Though someone might be interested and put on sale. More information here...
  7. jubran

    Facebook's New News Feed Strategy [Must Read]

    You've probably heard about it or seen it on your news feed. A message from Facebook that tells you about the new strategy of the news feed. Facebook will basically display much more content from friends and family rather than from pages. So is the new strategy bad for drop-shipping business...
  8. Liang

    Latest Marketing - FB Chatbot, Website Notification and etc

    Hi all, Recently, I visited some website and found their marketing strategies are genius. 1. Is to get fb followers to sign up for your chatbot and you can pop them anytime you want. It is so cool as resolve the FB organic reach issue. 2. Is to allow your website visitors to click...
  9. AryanShirani

    SocialRabbit Not Working

    So i want to start saying that i am really disappointed with this plugin, is full of bugs, actually is 2 weeks that is not working anymore even if a contacted support several times, and now even if my facebook post setting is disabled, is still posting random images on my facebook page... anyway...
  10. J

    Dropshipping journey from Borneo Island

    Hi, everyone.. These thread is meant for my new venture in dropshipping. Existing I have a shop selling furniture, business not doing well nowadays especially retail. Trying to get a new solution and do what interest me. Intro: I'm using Alidropship plugin (not Woo), I buy it through affiliate...
  11. Startme

    List of tools and instructions?

    Hey guys, I’m a little late to the party, but i’ll try to have fun anyways :-) I bought the plugin and installed it on a new site. Now I have to set it up and import some goods - are there instructions how to do that? (For example, what kind of roles do I need to set up in the store if I want...
  12. Reda Saiko

    Woocommerce Cross Sells

    Hello :), I have a question : does anyone know an automatic method to add linked products (up-sells and cross-sells) in woocommerce? You can do it manually, of course, but when you have a store with hundreds of products, it's not a solution. Is there any way to make all products that share...
  13. Prabhakar

    Coupons - Discount on Shipping

    Hello, I have created a free Plus shipping product and a coupon for that product, I want to provide discount on Shipping Price. But when i apply the coupon it is showing message as "Code accepted" but No change in the shipping price. Free + Shipping Model List price: US $29.95 You save: US...
  14. R

    SEO keyword

    Hi guys, want to ask something, is the default product title on aliexpress seo friendly? I mean changing or not, which choice will be better for search engine optimization? Thanks
  15. merten

    Create and sending a newsletter

    What do you think about a newsletter template. (It will create a newsletter fully automatic and sending to your customers or created list) - Sending to your excisting customers - Import manually emails to the list Create a newsletter like : - Add random products Or: - Add 3/6/9/15 newest...