Facebook's New News Feed Strategy [Must Read]


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You've probably heard about it or seen it on your news feed. A message from Facebook that tells you about the new strategy of the news feed. Facebook will basically display much more content from friends and family rather than from pages. So is the new strategy bad for drop-shipping business? Well, it is very bad. Your organic reach will be even less than it is right now. Moreover, the ads will eventually cost more since Facebook uses a bidding system.

So do I consider drop shipping dead right now? Well, the short answer is definitely NOT. Taking general stores. on one hand, they might struggle there if they don't have a big base fan in the meantime. On the other hand, there are plenty of easily accessible advertisement platforms such as Google Search, Display, Pinterest, Instagram Influencers, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitch, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter, and so on... And you definitely didn't try them all. Even though, they tend to be cheaper than Facebook Ads. Afterall, I myself and the majority of drop shippers use Facebook due to the nature of its simplicity.

With that being said, general stores will most likely pay much more for the ads they display because they are just focusing on selling. I mean every company focuses on selling but many general stores that are using the drop-shipping technique are looking for the easy fast cash method which is basically selling and saying f*ck the customer and Facebook is fighting that ATM.

However, if you'll be building a good reputable brand with a specific niche, you'll most likely enjoy Facebook ads more than any other advertisement platforms because the quality of each click will be much higher due to the fact that a person on Facebook won't see tons of shitty ads. Seeing some content that a person actually likes will make him respectively her click on it and get interested in it.

Who knows me on this forum actually knows that I focus on building the brand first and not to make the first sale first (and it works). Invest in your brand for the long term and you'll eventually profit much more with this new news feed strategy from Facebook.

So what should I do if I am a general store?
- Searching for other ad platforms are a good start if you are limited on budget.
- Never use the engagement bait techniques and if you do right now, quit that (both for organic and paid posts).
- Focus on customer support and build some trust.

And if I am a niche store, what are some good tips?
- Build, build and then build your brand! Drive awareness to the people that like your page, show them great content and not spammy ones.
- Of course, focus on customer support and look professional. However, also be friendly and treat them as loyal customers.
- Invest in each visitor. With that being said, make your website look great, packed with great marketing techniques that will most likely convert the visitor and even make him a repeat customer.
- You might get a little bit higher ad cost on Facebook but believe me, it will be much higher in term of quality.
- Create a group and grow it. It is way easier than you think it is.

Now, what do you think about the new strategy and what would be your next steps?