1. A

    Social Rabbit Facebook Product Poster Image Cropped in Facebook

    Hey dropshippers, hope you are all having great time selling online :) I have an issue with posting products on facebook. The problem is that the woocommerce product images are more like a rectangle and when auto posted on facebook, it get cropped and doesn't look well on facebook. Manual...
  2. S

    Exclusive Instagram Ads (135k Followers)

    Hello, Everyone I will Give you Instagram Shoutout on my Beauty Page, with 24 hours Post Bio Link(your website link) and Story with swipe up option Only for $10 payment through Paypal. I have 135k Followers and Still growing If you want shoutout please PM me Thank you:)
  3. C

    plug-in to link with Amazon

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if there is a plug-in or addon that will allow my products to be linked with amazon or facebook stores etc? Thanks
  4. Med

    Facebook Pixel Enabled But Not Firing At any Event!

    Hello there Ladies and gentlemen! i hope you are having a nice day. Today i wanted to include a fb pixel to my website. So i created a new one, copied the Pixel ID then went to my website --> customization --> genaral and pasted it. I also installed Facebook Pixel Helper on my browser for...
  5. Z

    Facebook/Insta ad videos BANNED!

    I came across a very interesting topic online. I'm also sure that many dropshippers are using this service as well. The business model is simple. For a fee, this guy will make video of your product from your website to promote WITHOUT you having to ship the product to him/her. I'm not talking...
  6. C

    Gallery Poster - Images Segmented by Social Network

    Hello Social Rabbit Devs: I've bought the plugin some months ago but I'm facing an issue with "Gallery Poster". I designed my photos with 940x788 resolution, when I post to Facebook it works great, but on Instagram it shows cropped. In the other hand with square images, the problem is inverse...
  7. H

    Social Rabbit Facebook poster does not show product pictures in the post, please help:)

    Hello, Just bought Social Rabbit ad-on and trying to set up Facebook poster but my product pictures are not showing in the posts. Can anyone help me, the settings and the posts look like this:
  8. D

    Need advice about social media management (maybe social marketing companies)

    Hello, I have been runinng my site for the past 4-5 months. I shared a lot of stuff on FB and instagram and gained followers around 100 people on each. But there is no sales so far. I started to think that I kind of do somethings wrong but don't know what. Can you give me some advice on this...
  9. andremktrj

    Posting Poster Images Social Rabbit

    Social Rabbit does not pull the link image posted on Facebook because?
  10. jubran

    Facebook's New News Feed Strategy [Must Read]

    You've probably heard about it or seen it on your news feed. A message from Facebook that tells you about the new strategy of the news feed. Facebook will basically display much more content from friends and family rather than from pages. So is the new strategy bad for drop-shipping business...
  11. keithvill

    ifttt help

    hi, i'm trying to integrate ifttt to my website. www.babiessentials.com so that everytime i put a product it is automatically posted or shared on my facebook page. I have already found an ifttt applet to do it, i think. however it gives me an error. I have two questions. 1.) Is publishing a...
  12. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    AdWords Feed Table

    1. When I change the price of one product I would like that this change will affect my product catalog in Facebook and AdWords, Is it possible? 2. Is any way to get a table for my product that fit Facebook / AdWords Product Catalog Feed?
  13. elfrost

    Social Media Services (FB, Twitter, IG ...)

    Hello, I want to share with you one of my online business. We all know that for a good social media marketing, we need to use some "fake" Facebook account or get more followers for your IG. Let me introduce EzProBiz Social I offer services such as: Facebook Gmail Hotmail Instagram Twitter...
  14. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    Facebook Pixel

    I have put Facebook Pixel on my site 007sunglasses.com, in order to run a campaign I need to know what is my “FEED URL” Can you please help me to find it?
  15. S

    Does anyone have experience with migrating organic AliDropship store into WooCommerce?

    hi, I’m now planing to migrate my alidropship Wordpress store into WooCommerce store because I want to use third party app like storeya to import my inventory into FaceBook shop section. Thanks in advance!
  16. Reda Saiko

    Social Rabbit BIG issue

    Hello here, I have a big problem with Social Rabbit and Facebook : Post Grabber and Gallery Poster doesn't show any image for me, I have just a blue space instead (attachement). Poster is working without any issue, grabber and gallery also are working fine on other social networks, but not on...
  17. B

    Automatic Facebook Shop Creation

    It would be great if its possible to upload products on FB shop like shopify provides. When we upload product it should ask us if we want to upload the product to FB shop. It would definitely increase social presence and so sales.
  18. S

    Facebook Catalog Plugin

    I am trying to get a plugin to create facebook catalog that's compatible with alidropship. Any advise?
  19. N

    How to post on facebook

    Hi, i am new, i have just received my basic package and i want to post my products in the facebook fanpage but i don't know how? the fanpage doesn't appear in my facebook account please can you help me, thank you
  20. P

    Open Graph

    Hi, Are you planning to support Open Graph? https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/webmasters#markup Best, Paul