How much money does a budding affiliate need


Opinions differ as to which starting budget you can use for affiliate marketing. Someone says that they started with $100, while others — that you need at least $ 1,000.

In this article, we will figure out how much money you will need to start earning on affiliate marketing.

What is required for traffic arbitrage

Experience in areas related to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is sales, only the affiliate does not contact buyers directly, but through their advertisements.

It will be a big plus if you have experience with online advertising, you know the basics of programming, photo editors and copywriting. With the help of these skills you can create unique content yourself without involving intermediaries, due to which you can save money.

Another advantage will be if you know a foreign language. This will help if you decide to work with foreign traffic over time.

Separately, it should be emphasized the importance of the skill of identifying the target audience of a specific offer, understanding the lifestyle of target buyers and their needs. Without this, you can waste your budget showing ads to people who do not need the product you are promoting.

Technique and related programs. If you are just planning to learn affiliate marketing, to start you will need a device k — a laptop or mobile phone — and the Internet itself. At the same time, a lot will depend on what traffic sources and offers you plan to work with.

For example, to work with Yandex.Direct, Google Ads and Facebook and other large websites, an antidetect browser and proxy are additionally required. This is due to the fact that these traffic sources closely monitor the actions of users and the content they advertise. If some actions seem suspicious or you completely violate the rules of the traffic source, your ad account can be quickly banned.

If you do not mask your connection, after the ad account is banned, it will be pointless to create a new account from the same device: the traffic source will already know your fingerprint and quickly realize that you are trying to create an ad account again. As a result, the account will be blocked and you will still return to the need to buy programs to hide your connection.

The cost of residential proxies starts at $ 1.3, and browser antidetect - from $ 50 to several thousand dollars. Antidetect browsers differ in their functionality and usability, so choose it exactly for your tasks.

By the way, frequent bans of ad offices is one of the reasons why affiliates prefer to buy ready-to-use Google Ads accounts.

Budget. The more is the advertising budget the better. At the same time, there were cases when affiliates with a start-up capital of $10 achieved great results. We will tell you how much it may take to start work below.

What offers to start with

When choosing an offer, novice affiliates have doubts. On the one hand, in all cases, the affiliate performs the same function: leads potential customers to the advertiser, for which he receives payment in the future. At the same time, different types of offers are aimed at different categories of people. It will be difficult to promote a product without understanding the needs of the audience.

In addition, not all affiliates are ready to work with categories of gray and black offers - offers that lead to wasting money of the customer or even harm.

The choice of an offer will depend on what your starting budget is.

With a minimum budget of up to $ 1000, it will be relatively easy to start with dating offers. Now, during a pandemic, people are increasingly in need of communication, so the demand for such online communication has grown significantly. Another option is to promote nutra offers or adult products. As for health products: they are always in demand, and in 2020 people are even more concerned with the topic of health.

With a budget starting from $ 1000, you can start working with a white product offers, but this area has high competition. You will need to be really creative to make good money starting with such a budget.

High earnings can be earned in betting and black offers, but investments will be required at the start. If you're just getting started in affiliate marketing, try simpler and less expensive offers first.

When we say “budget,” we mean exactly the cost of buying traffic. All software and hardware are purchased separately.

Where to get traffic

All traffic sources are divided into paid and free.

Free sources include a personal website, channels and publics on social networks, mailings by e-mail or private messages. At the same time, if your personal accounts or website are not promoted, the benefits of advertising on them will be small. You will have to spend extra time and money on social networks.

As for paid methods, everything else belongs to them: advertising in social and teaser networks, contextual and banner advertising, etc.

For each type of offer and its target audience, you need to select your own traffic source. The key mistake many beginner affiliates make is that they try to cover all traffic sources at once. This usually results in a waste of money.

It is better to start by choosing a specific traffic source and understanding it: look at reviews on the topic of working with this source, how the chosen offer works on this website. Carefully read the website policy in order to understand how you can bypass it.

Despite the apparent complexity, we recommend starting with Facebook. In it you can find high-quality traffic of any geo, in the advertising account there is a convenient setting of impressions for your target audience and an understandable payment system.

What's more, you can buy ready-to-go Facebook ad accounts at In addition to browser antidetect and residential proxies, we give a 2-week guarantee for any account and in case of a ban, we will replace it with a new one.

Where to start with

Despite the fact that there is an audience abroad, which, on the one hand, is more solvent, on the other hand, purchases goods and services online with great enthusiasm, there are nuances in working with foreign users. While you still do not have experience in affiliate marketing, it is better to start working with your country: you understand the mentality of the population more, which means that you are more likely to be able to submit an offer correctly.


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Okay, what if I don't have extra money for advertising, but I need to do it? How do I make money if my product doesn't sell without advertising?


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Okay, what if I don't have extra money for advertising, but I need to do it? How do I make money if my product doesn't sell without advertising?
Guys 90% of the time this kind of business need paid ads for it can generate money. The organic SEO alternative need time for have a results.

So before you start is good to have around $500 extra money for buying the products and paid for the advertising.


Guys 90% of the time this kind of business need paid ads for it can generate money. The organic SEO alternative need time for have a results.

So before you start is good to have around $500 extra money for buying the products and paid for the advertising.
Totes agree. Organic needs A LOT of time especially when your authority to appear on search engines is low.


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It depends on what site or app you plan to build. Besides, you must provide additional info about how many guys you need to work on you (or you are capable of solo making). Money management sometimes is more challenging than actual development. Online resources, such as, provide you with needed finance basics. I think it doesn't make sense to ask how much money a budding affiliate needs. Every single case has its own demands, and even the most minor factors could highly affect the final costs. Just make sure you calculate everything you need.


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I've been in affiliate marketing for a long time, when I started this business, I had too little start-up capital. But I know people who have not spent a single dollar on this, it's a fluke. Also, I know people who spent a lot of money on this, expecting to make a quick buck, they just wanted to get rich off of it. They don't understand that rich vs wealthy are different concepts. In order to be wealthy, you need to build a certain system of values in your mind, sometimes people learn this for years.