✅ Dolphin{anty} - a modern antidetect browser! -❗️10 free profiles for everyone❗️

We present to your attention a modern antidetect browser - Dolphin{anty}⚡

❗Reliability and convenience are the main postulates of the developers. That's why we won the market leadership in less than a year after the release.
The user survey clearly
demonstrates this!

- continuous improvement in the quality of the browser fingerprint replacement and the stability of the product's servers. The last thing the user should doubt is the quality of the tool. For us, this is a top priority.

Convenience - working with hundreds and thousands of browser profiles is a big problem. A necessary development vector is the creation of additional functionality that will further simplify the user's work in the daily rhythm, both in single mode and in a team.

Works great with: — Facebook , — Instagram , — Google, — YouTube, — Twitter, — TikTok, — Coinlist, — Huobi ... etc.

By using Dolphin{anty} you will notice the following benefits:

✅ Manage browser profiles

Work with hundreds of profiles from one device. Each profile is a unique browser fingerprint with a separate web environment. Cache, cookies and other settings are completely separated from each other, which does not allow them to be associated with other accounts.

✅ Real browser fingerprint based on our personal browser build
We have not just created a mechanism for generating different fingerprints, but have developed a system that takes real fingerprints from users and provides them to users. Thus, using our browser, you will be as "similar" to a normal Internet user as possible. We constantly put a lot of effort into ensuring that they are checked by any scanners, including pixelscan, creepJS and others.

✅ Teamwork
A modern anti-detect browser requires not only a high-quality replacement for a fingerprint, but also convenient collaboration with other users.
Dolphin{anty} provides the ability to issue individual access rights and monitor the status of profiles of each team member.

✅ Notes, tags and statuses
Simplicity and ease of use of the browser is one of the highest priority items. Quickly create a note, pin a tag, or set a status for each profile to create the most intuitive work environment. You can find the same profile out of a thousand and find out what data is inside it in a couple of clicks.

✅ Mass creation and management
To work effectively with a large amount of data, you just need the functionality for mass creation and management. Of course, we paid attention to this and made it possible to create, manage, apply and massively remove browser profiles, proxies and extensions in a few clicks.
Our benefits don't end there. More information can be found in our blog ;)

❗️Dear users, we also did not forget about such important features as:
⚡ cookie robot,
⚡ work via API,
⚡ Selenium/Puppeteer automation,
⚡ human input/SmartPaste function,
⚡ trash of deleted profiles,
⚡ transferring profiles to another user,
⚡ dark or light theme,
⚡ change proxy IP in one click
- all this is already implemented and available for use!
In addition, we constantly update the current version of the core in accordance with the releases of the Chrome browser.




In the modern world, an anti-detect browser should be a tool from the category “available to everyone”,
which is why we tried to make very flexible tariff plans with the most affordable prices for all users!

❗After registration, a 4-day trial period for 1000 profiles without functional restrictions will be automatically activated for you.
After this time, you will be able to use 10 profiles or buy any plan.

❗Do we have an affiliate program and support service?
You will receive 15% of all payments of the users you referred for life! If you have a proposal for cooperation or you need your own promotional code, please contact support, we will help you with any questions, including the withdrawal of referral funds.

⚡️Register an account, download the browser and find out more information from official sources:

Dolphin{anty} team!
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Hello, friends!

We are glad to inform you of the news that will make your day better and your work much easier!

The fact is that we have the automation of sending Google forms ready!
And this means that using the service will become even more convenient.
We know how tiring it is to fill out a form in Google-Ads to unban an account.
Dolphin{anti} will do it for you (fill in the fields and send the account to the unban) in 10 seconds!

We are waiting for the release of the innovation next week, but in the meantime,
you can get acquainted with it and watch the attached video.

What do you think about the update?

⚡️ UPDATE 2022.35.2

Release of new functionality:
Automatic request to unlock Google accounts and Cookies robot :cool:

Big update with lots of cool changes!

Been working all month on the new update system and a bunch of new features.
This update has not set much functionality yet, but it is very expected and necessary. So, for today we have:

✅ Automatic appeal to unlock Google accounts, which we announced in this post.
This feature is only available for Google-type profiles, there is an "automation" field in the drop-down list
on each profile - a couple of clicks and a robot will fill out the form itself, which used to take a lot of time.

✅ Cookie robot
Cookie robot function was asked us for a long time and we finally made it.
So far the functionality is very basic, no innovations, but there are a couple of features:
- The robot can be run with a function without downloading images, in order to save proxy traffic
- You can run the robot in headless mode, in this case the browser window will not open in normal mode, but the robot will work as needed and all the cookies will be in place.

✅ In the Proxies section, we added a column "profiles" which displays the number of profiles to which each proxy is assigned.
When you click on this number, you will be redirected to the list of browser profiles with filtered profiles for this proxy.

✅ Added a "proxy" filter in the Browser Profiles section - now it is very easy to find all the profiles that are assigned to an expired proxy, and reassign a new proxy to them.

Selecting saved proxies from the list now shows additional parameters: proxy status, country, name, and number of profiles which this proxy is assigned to.


- Fixed mechanics of removal of admins from team
- Fixed bug in transfer of profiles created via mass import
- If you do not have a manifest.json file when loading an extension, you will get a clear warning
- Fixed adding proxies if domain is specified instead of ip address
- Fast tag line was optimized
- Optimized cookies import window, now with large cookies UI does not freeze and everything is processed fast
- Optimized substitution in speechVoices
- Fixed an issue with some proxies not working correctly
- Improved profile transfer process, now profiles are not lost.

❗️Download and install the new update from these links:
After installation, the system will prompt you to upgrade to version 2022.7.10. You should reject this upgrade.
It appears because this release 2022.35.2 is in test mode.
UPDATE 2022.35.2

this update will not be delivered automatically, in order to install the update,
you need to download the files from the links at the end of the message.

- We have updated the browser core to the 98th version, which was released on February 1 in the stable stage.
According to our analytics, more than 50% of Chrome browser users have already updated to the new version,
so we recommend that you also update your fingerprints so as not to stand out from the crowd.

- They set up the main server for synchronizing Amazon server profiles.
Users from Ukraine should have all the problems of unavailability of profiles.

You can download and install the new update using these links:

MacOS / MacOS M1

After installation, the system will prompt you to upgrade to version 2022.7.10. You need to reject this update.
It appears because this release 2022.35.2 comes out in test mode.
disclaimer: this update will not be delivered automatically, in order to install the update, you need to download the files from the links at the end of the message.

✅ We remind you that we have updated the browser core to the 98th version,
which was released on February 1 in the stable stage.

According to our analytics, more than 60% of Internet users of Chrome browser have already updated to the new version, so we recommend that you also update your fingerprints to be as similar as possible to the average Internet user.

Today we will tell you what improvements have been made in this update, in addition to updating the Chrome version:

- Dynamic IP address change in WebRTC substitution. The browser checks the current IP address every 2 minutes and updates it if it changes.
- Improved geolocation substitution on macOS.
- Fixed a message on Pixelscan about Chromium-based browser.
- Added the ability to call Smart Paste via Chrome DevTools. You need to send a WebSocket message Emulation.Smart paste { text: 'abcdef' }.
- Improved screen substitution on macOS.
- Improved substitution of Client Hints.
- Widevine is included in the build for Linux, it is possible to listen to Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, all sites will be identified as a user of the official Google Chrome.
- Improved substitutions in Headless mode.

You can download and install the new update using these links:

MacOS / MacOS M1

After installation, the system will prompt you to upgrade to version 2022.7.10. You need to reject this update.
It appears because this release 2022.35.2 comes out in test mode.
Greetings, friends!
We have great news for you! :)

We are glad to announce that Dolphin and Dolphin{anty} now accept USDT cryptocurrencies in TRC20 and Capitalist format! ⚡️
From now on, you can pay for your favorite services in a convenient format.

To make a payment, you need to contact our support and send the payment manually.

Love, Dolphin team ❤️
⚡️ UPDATE 2022.80.1

We've made a small update:

✅ On Friday, the browser core was updated to version 99.
✅ Expanded the list of WebGL substitutions. ❗️42 new items❗️

If the update did not load automatically, then you need to download the version from the site by yourself: anty.dolphin.ru.com

Hello! ;)

We want to tell you about our affiliate program.

We are very pleased that you like the product and recommend it to your friends. Therefore, we will be glad to become partners!
In Dolphin{anty}, the referral receives 15% of the payments of the users brought by him (15% of the first payment and all subsequent ones).

✅ The referral link can be found in your personal account in the affiliate program column (in the same column you can track statistics on referrals and the total balance).
And to withdraw referral charges, you need to contact support, but we are working to ensure that you can withdraw funds directly from your personal account.

Click here and go to the Affiliate Program

Who can become our partner?
Any of you, affiliate program is freely available to every user!
It's so nice to advise what you love and get bonuses for it!

We are glad to be partners❤️

Hi guys,
we need your help here, and we're going to thank you!

Everyone who works with ads, guys, we need you!

❓What we want: to get your general impression of Dolphin{anty} and understand what functionality you need.

❓What to do: Just fill in the Google form.

❓What you get: 3 days of free access for completing the form.

If you want 7 days of free access:

❓What you have to do: go to Google-calendar and pick a convenient date to call our product manager.
The interview will take no more than 30 minutes.

P.S. Please! Don't book an interview if you're not sure you'll come!

In this update:

✅ Fix of launching the program
✅ Fix of launching profiles
✅ Fix of synchronization
✅ Fix of working with cookies
✅ White screen fix
✅ Fix of connection issues

❗️The update will come to you automatically.
If there are problems with the automatic update,
please download the latest version from anty.dolphin.ru.com

⚡️Support: t.me/dolphin_support_bot

⚡️Hi guys, it’s Misha on the line! I’m head of Dolphin support!

You often come with technical questions about our product
To provide support quickly, we have a chat @dolphin_support_bot

Send your question to @dolphin_support_bot
You’re connected to a human, not a bot ;)

❗️Working hours every day 9 am -10 pm

Hi, Alex on the line!
I'm Dolphin{anty} product manager ;)

I'm gonna answer one of the most popular questions today: Who needs Dolphin{anty}?
In our team, we believe that everyone needs Dolphin{anty} nowadays.
But today let's discuss features for people who are doing betting

⚡️How does Dolphin{anty} help in this work?

✅ Bypassing betting scanners
Reliable protection from identifying you and device

✅ Compatible with any proxy
Impersonate any user of the necessary geo

✅ More than 20 customizable fingerprint settings
Including WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL, Client Rects,
browser, time zone, language, GEO, CPU type, memory etc.

✅ Millions of real user prints
The ability to customize fingerprint settings by yourself

✅ Comfortable working solo or in a team
Tools to analyze each participant's productivity

✅ Automate your work
Customize statuses, tags, bookmarks, and quick search pages

Any doubt?
We have free access to 1000 profiles for 4 days.
Try — anty.dolphin.ru.com careful it's addictive

⚡️ Incredible promotion by Dolphin{anty}
Switch from your old anti-detect browser to Dolphin{anty}

❗️We’ll compensate your remaining days on the old anti-detect browser,
plus grant up to 2 months of free access to Dolphin{anty}

✅ Full terms and conditions of the promo here — usnd.to/Co1n
✅ To participate in the promotion write "move" here — @dolphin_support_bot

Hi, this is Alex, Dolphin{anty} product-manager✌️

I often get great feedback on our anti-detects features from guys who have been working with crypto for a long time.
Today I'm going to talk about some functionality that helps improve results in crypto

✅ Compatible with any proxy SSH, SOCKS, and HTTP
With dynamic proxies, you can update IP directly from the anti-detect interface

✅ Randomization of fingerprints while copy profiles
The system will automatically select the best fingerprint for the device

✅ Mass export and import of cookies in browser profiles

✅ Imitation of manual data entry. Anti-fraud systems won't see you copying logins and passwords.
The functionality works via the cmd+shift+b hotkeys on macOS and ctrl+shift+b on Windows or via the context menu

✅ Available API even on the free plan

✅ Regular updates, improvements, and support

Now you can move to Dolphin{anty} from your old anti-detect and get up to 2 months of free access.
❗️Terms here — usnd.to/Co1n❗️

We have an Oscar among antidetect browser!

Dolphin Anty is the leader in the surveys of the TOP antidetect browsers in the CIS countries.
No wonder we work for you every day!

❗️Thank you for your faith and support! Poll Link.

Friends, the promotion of unprecedented generosity is about to end!
There's less than a week left until the promotion is inactive!

Right now you can switch from your humble anti-detect browser to Dolphin{anty},
one of the most functional and popular among users!

⚡️ We’ll compensate your remaining days on the old anti-detect browser,
plus grant up to 2 months of free access to Dolphin{anty

Full terms and conditions here https://bit.ly/3tuTw0N

To participate in the promotion write “move” here https://bit.ly/3t5mvbe

✅ We're trusted by over 120.000 users!
;) Be with us!

Wow! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Have you ever had your head explode from coolness? Now it will be again!
Our good friend
AdsStudy Channel made a Pixel voice assistant to control the Dolphin{anty} browser

Best of all, this assistant can bulk create profiles with automatic import of cookies and data from account storage files.
You say one phrase and BOOM - you have created 50 profiles with imported cookies, and all logins and passwords are in your notes!

Looks amazing, watch the timing 3:01❗️

The full video can be viewed at this link, we haven't seen anything like it yet.
Be sure to subscribe to the channel ;)

P.s. So far it is only available in Russian