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Hi, today we are going to tell you about Dolphin{anty} affiliate program

If you haven't heard about it yet, hurry up and read this post!

Dolphin{anty} has an affiliate program that is available to absolutely everyone. Why should you use it?
Because it's a great way to share your favorite antique with your friends and earn some extra cash along the way.

How does it work?

You spread the word about Dolphin{anty} on your site, blog or social networking site.
When a person who follows your link makes a purchase, you get a percentage of each fare purchase.
It's simple. The more new users you bring in, the more you can earn.

What we offer:

15% of all your referrals' payments for life! And if you have cool ideas we're ready to discuss individual terms
of cooperation and provide help in creation of promo materials and a promo code for a 20% discount for your users.

How can I become an affiliate?

You need to read the rules of the affiliate program, get the referral link in your personal Dolphin{anty} cabinet
and start making mentions of Antic in your media resources. If you'd like to discuss a partnership with a manager, email @Dolphin_PR.

✅Become a Dolphin{anty} partner and increase your income!


We know that sometimes you have questions when working with Dolphin{anty}.
That's why we continue to analyze the most popular of them in our #FAQ section!

❓I use Free plan. I logged in from another device and there are no profiles. What do I do?
Cloud synchronization has been disabled for Free plans. If you used to be able to work on one PC,
then log in to your account on another PC and see that all your profiles are in place, now this is no longer possible.
All data is stored on one device only. If you want to work with more than one device, you have to subscribe for a fee or buy 10 more profiles.

❓Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we have a referral program. You can see all the details in your personal cabinet after you register.
There you will also find a referral link, which gives 15% referral fees for payments made by users you refer.
If you would like to discuss individual terms of cooperation, please contact Telegram @Dolphin_PR.

❓Browser profile won't start, but doesn't give you an error either?
There may be several reasons for this:
- Proxy problem. Check the connection.
- The browser kernel was not installed correctly, damaged or blocked by third-party programs or antivirus. We recommend enabling VPN and disabling antivirus during installation.
- Processes in the task manager may be overloaded. You may have a frozen process that won't close after closing the program, and because of this you can't start it again.
If there is no start button, it means that the whole antivirus or some of its components were installed incorrectly. Reinstall the application.

We are here to help! Leave your questions in the comments.

As promised, we're sharing the latest updates!

Over the past two weeks, our team has resolved a range of issues that you might have encountered.
We've released updates on several important points to make your work more comfortable and secure!

- We've eliminated the problem with mass proxy distribution within the team.
- We've resolved the issue of team members getting logged out.

- We've fixed an error that led to the closing of the incorrect profile.
In some cases, when a close request was made, the wrong profile was closed.

- We've improved the logic of working with extensions to solve problems with extension tabs and reset
cryptocurrency wallet settings (Martian, MetaMask, Phantom, Sui, etc.)
- We've fixed the issue of extension settings being reset on older profiles.
- We've eliminated the error of deleting an extension.

- We've fixed a bug where a user couldn't log into the application when sending the correct login/password, if authorization had been passed.

We are constantly working on improving Dolphin{anty} and strive to respond to your feedback as quickly as possible.
Thank you for being with us!

⚡️Double the benefits with Dolphin{anty}

We're breaking the laws of mathematics and boldly stating 1=2!
With Dolphin{anty}, everything is possible, and today we present an offer that challenges the standards⚡️

❤️ We have prepared an exclusive deal for new users — purchase a 1-month subscription for Base or higher plans,
and get an additional month for free!

❗️To participate in the promotion, you need to:

- Be a new Dolphin{anty} user.
- Purchase a 1-month subscription for Base or higher plans.
- Write the code word 1=2 to our support team on the website.

But the benefits don't stop there! Among all who participate in the promotion,
we will randomly select 3 winners and gift additional prizes:

- Apple Watch Series 8
- Apple AirPods Pro earphones
- Apple Speaker

➡️Promotion period: 17.07 - 26.07

❗️Please note, the promotion is only valid for new users.
If you attempt to create a new account to receive a free month, you risk losing data on all accounts.

✅ Join Dolphin{anty} and open new horizons in security!

Hi dear friends!

Together with our proxy partner ASOCKS, we are launching a campaign of real benefits!

ASOCKS is a popular service for renting high-quality residential proxies. Find out how to get free 5GB of traffic ⬇️

No More Trials, Now Go Hard!

The world is constantly evolving, and Dolphin{anty}, is no exception.
It’s time to streamline your initiation into the Dolphin{anty} experience!

❗️From today, we’re retiring the trial period to make the registration process even more straightforward and user-friendly!

What does this mean?
We are doing away with the 4-day trial limitation.
Upon registration, you’ll immediately get access to 10 free profiles on the Free plan from day one of usage ✅

❤️ Thank you for choosing Dolphin{anty}!

There's fresh core update: welcome version one one eight

Did you appreciate our poetic style? Well, let's not dwell on that for now, but praise and compliments are welcome. Give us a if you want our support to respond in verses

Now, onto the main topic – we've once again updated and rolled out version 118 of our core!

A moment of enlightenment: Do you know why it's important to update the core?

Updating ensures that you're using the latest version, preventing suspicion and the risk of account blockages on websites.
This is a crucial aspect of your security, anonymity, and stable performance in Dolphin{anty}

☝️To install, you still just need to restart your browser.

119 core is already in your anti-detect browser ;)

Swooping in at the speed of the wind with a hot update on this autumn day!
Yep, we've released the core just 1 day after the release of the stable version. Cool? Absolutely!
We think we've earned some under this post:)

:)Cautious: Let's remind ourselves why all of this matters:
- New core versions contain fixes and performance enhancements.
- The latest core version = browser fingerprints that closely match real ones.
- And of course, improved stability, because where would we be without it?

How do you get the update? Just reboot the anti-detection browser!

Technical questions (as always) are welcomed in our support chat.
Congratulations can be left in the post comments.
Payments for Base and higher tariffs are accepted in any of the methods listed on the pricing page

Have a productive workday!
You have asked — we have delivered! :eek:

The time has come to reveal the secret we've been working on lately.
We're confident that this news will delight you to the max:)

Introducing the new and long-awaited feature — Synchronizer! o_O
Available on Base plans and above.

Forget about doing the same thing across different profiles.
Now, everything you do in one Dolphin{anty} browser window will automatically be mirrored in all the others.

Farming, data collection, and whatever you fancy — now it's twice as easy and fast.

The feature is now available on Windows and Linux!
MacOS: Yeah, yeah, f... me We're already working on it :)

;) Please note that the feature is in beta mode, so if the Synchronizer will dare to frustrate you with its behavior,
don't hesitate to reach out to the Synchronizer Punishment Service in our support chat.

Coffee boosts your energy with caffeine, and Dolphin{anty},
with its regular Tuesday updates, adds +100 to your mood.

You can’t argue with that! ️️️️

In short, let’s talk about what’s new for the week?

Subscribe without leaving the app

You had to log in separately to your account on the website, entering your password and 2FA again.
And involved third-party software (a regular browser).
Now: You can change your plan or purchase your subscription right directly in the antidetect browser.
Fast and convenient!

❗️ Bug fixes:
— Fixed an issue with Smart Paste not working.
— Two specific bugs related to launching have been fixed.

Ready to update? While you finish your coffee ☕️, just relaunch antidetect browser

Enterprise user, do you want to add 100 profiles or 20,000? Сhoose!

Remember when we were energizing with coffee and good vibes from the antidetect-browser update?
A compliment usually accompanies coffee, so here it is: :cool:

The Enterprise plan has been enhanced, now more flexible than it seems:

- We've divided the step from 1000 to 100 when purchasing additional profiles.
- We've broken through the ceiling from a limit of 10,000 profiles to 20,000.

;) Cool, right? And now you can pay within the application?

How to do it?
- In the antidetect-browser, look for the «$»icon and click on it.
- In front of you is the «Billing» section, where you can see your plan,
the «change» button, and the «upgrade» plan button.
- Click on «Change Plan», choose your current plan or any other that suits your taste.
- After you've selected the plan you're interested in, click «Save» and proceed to the payment status.
Choose any payment method, complete the payment, and voilà,
your first payment for the antidetect-browser within the antidetect-browser itself is successful!
We're sure you won't want to do it any other way now. :)

Does your team have special needs? We'd be happy to discuss them through the support chat!

Pause or replay the same step multiple times? Easy! :)

When a child dreams of block constructor like Lego, grown-up dreams of Dolphin{anty}'s scenario consctuctor.

Why? Because our scenario constructor helps you to make money! :cool:
Moreover, we have recently significantly upgraded it.
You asked for a cool educational article on how to get the most out of the constructor, and here it is.

Inside: a presentation of new features of the constructor and a complete list of what and how we have modernized.
For example, «magnet for lines» or «on-the-fly editing» and that's not all! ;)

You can learn about all the changes and new features in a convenient format with video demonstrations.

Hurry up, follow the link, study the article, and master «on-the-fly» automation! :eek:

Last edited:
Dolphin{anty} is typing...

Well, it’s time for our weekly updates. :)
Today, not without some useful improvements and fixes, as usual.

Here’s what our developers have been working on all week:
— Launching a script in Headless mode in a «silent» way
— Adding a creation date column to the profile table.
Introducing the ability to collapse the sidebar in the constructor
— Enabling script execution in «Without Images» mode
— Adding functionality for script termination

Bug fixes include:
— Renaming the «Custom Flags» field to «Custom Flags»
— Resolving an error when launching profiles of our users

Expect more changes in the upcoming releases ;)

I: just blinked... :rolleyes:
120 Core: Well, I’m already in antidetect-browser

Familiar feeling, huh? Yeah, you don’t even have to answer;
we already know the right one.

In short, the manual is simple: you’ll need to restart antidetect-browser,
and then you’ll get a new core with new fingerprints.

We decided it’s worth reminding: the current version of the core is about stability,
about new fingerprints that are as close to real as possible.
This crucial point concerns your security, anonymity, and stable operation in Dolphin{anty}.

And, something more to say, :cool: feels lonely... Will you fix the situation?

Full Jingle Bells!:)

While everyone is busily decorating Christmas trees, reflecting on the past year,
and making wish lists, we visited an educational institution and learned a few magical spells.
Although magic is forbidden outside Hogwarts, we're always ready to make an exception for you ;)

With a wave of our wand, we present our New Year's giveaway, which you can join today:cool:

From 26.12.2023 to 12.01.2024, everyone who pays for one of the Dolphin{anty} subscriptions
will find a lucky ticket with a unique number in their personal account.

What does this mean? Each ticket is a chance to win one of the awesome prizes:
an iPhone 15, Apple Headphones, a Ladger Nano X Cold Wallet, and other gifts

The number of tickets you get is up to you, depending on the chosen subscriptions:

- Free+ = 1 ticket
- Base = 2 tickets
- Team = 3 tickets
- Enterprise = 4 tickets

Plus, you can share this news with your friends and get an extra ticket for each one who pays for a subscriptions.
Cool, right?

Screenshot, record, or photograph your ticket numbers to keep track of them.
And if you happen to lose them, our customer care service is always here to help.

This offer is valid for all users, both new and existing, and can be combined with promo codes.

And what about a nice bonus? Catch our New Year's promo code NEW2024
for a 20% discount and start collecting your lucky tickets ;)

We challenge ourselves!

As you know, we have a good tradition:
every week to make the antidetect-browser even better by releasing the update.
But if something happens regularly, it quickly becomes boring, right?
A true multi-accounter should never be bored!;)

Starting from next week, we've decided to push the creativity pedal to the max,
and who knows in what format you'll read the next release announcement! Noir?
Hermetic detective? Stylized as an ancient Greek epic? Everything may happen! :cool:

But for now, here's the last «traditional» list of changes in today's release:

— We continue to adapt our resources for users living in different countries and speaking different languages.
This time we translated the user panel and landing page into Ukrainian.
— Integrated notification when transferring profiles to another email.
— Added the ability to search for profiles using multiple search queries at once.
— Integrated notification when transferring profiles to another email.
— Added the ability to add a column with the date and time of profile launch to the profile table.
Now working with a large number of profiles has become even more convenient!

— Adapted the table for viewing mass profile imports.
— Optimized the process of deleting proxies.
— Fixed the display of the exchange rate on the
— Entreprise tariff on the landing page.
— Fixed a bug that was hindering the launch of browser profiles.

Have original suggestions? We're waiting in the comments!

As promised, we’re started a challenge!
Today’s post will be more extensive than usual – if you’re not interested,
skip straight to the end: the changelist is highlighted in bold.


December 25th, Christmas. The shift promised to be easy, even sleepy.
The stream of border crossers temporarily subsided. Just yesterday, they were all crowded here,
chatting, shifting from foot to foot. And now – holy silence.

In a couple of days, they’ll all rush back, but that won’t be his concern, it’ll be the relievers’.
For now, sit back and fill in crossword puzzles. “In the year of what animal
are born competitors who completely copy other people’s advertising texts?”
Licking the tip of a simple pencil, he diligently entered each letter: “R-A-T.”

But unexpectedly, the door creaked open. Who the hell brought someone in so early?

The visitor entered, stamped his feet, headed to his desk, and froze, looming over him.

– Papers, please.

The documents were unfolded and casually handed over,
as if the visitor didn’t want to spend a minute of his time on such an inconvenience as some border guard.
And everything seemed to be OK: photo, visa. But something continued to bother him.
He decided to take a pause and review the newly arrived documents, which he didn’t take a look at earlier.

Oh, what’s this! Already on the third page, there was an orientation to the one standing before him:

– Profiles don’t launch
– Incorrect display of the Enterprise subscription price
– Errors when adding and editing proxies
– Doesn’t allow closing profiles after a long work
– Doesn’t display the command execution window
– Incorrect currency exchange rate display

Crossing prohibited. Detain immediately.

They say it takes only seven seconds to make a decision. In action movies, tough guys managed to do it in a fraction of a second,
simultaneously drawing and raising their gun into the air. Today, he was a tough guy:

– Don’t move! You’re under arrest!


All the bugs listed above have been fixed. Glory to Arstozka Dolphin{anty}!

New Year's Giveaway Results!

The three fastest things in the Universe are: light, sound, and the New Year's holidays.
Yes, physics can be surprisingly tricky.
So, tell me, did you manage to get some rest over the weekend?

Now, let's talk about the best part - the gifts

Starting December 26th, everyone who paid for one of our tariffs in Dolphin{anty} or
invited friends received lucky tickets with serial numbers in their personal accounts.
We collected these numbers and used a randomizer to determine three lucky winners who will receive prizes.

Let's not keep you in suspense any longer, here are our winners:

✨ The iPhone 15 goes to the participant with number — 1292.
✨ Apple Headphones are claimed by the ticket holder with number — 5711.
✨ A Ledger Nano X cold wallet is awarded to the ticket owner — 7165.

Have you heard that 2024 is the year of karma?
Well, now we know who's really been on their best behavior last year
Congratulations on winning!

For prize collection, claim your reward by contacting @Dolphin_PR

Happy Birthday to me!

Did you know how long dolphins live? Once we decided to explore this question.
On average, a dolphin's lifespan is 50 years, but an orca, a type of dolphin,
can live up to 90 years in the wild. Amazing, isn't it?

So, why are we talking about this?
Today, the Dolphin brand is celebrating a milestone of 4 years!

Feel free to drop your congratulatory messages under this post

And who else is a part of this fantastic celebration? Of course, it's you, our dear user.
Take your seat in your favourite armchair and get ready to receive some gifts

From January 18th to 31st, anyone who leaves a review about
their favorite Dolphin{anty} on one or several platforms
from the following list
will have a chance to win one of these prizes:

✨ 4 months of the Enterprise subscription and 4 months of PRO cloud multitool.
✨ 4 months of the Team subscription and 4 months of PRO cloud multitool.
✨ 4 months of the Base subscription and 4 months of Base cloud multitool.

It's simple: leave reviews, take screenshots, and send them to @Dolphin_PR.
For each review, you'll get a unique number. On February 1st,
we'll determine three winners using a randomizer and award the prizes.
The list of platforms can be found here ➡️ CLICK

What a unique way to celebrate with us and to win a reward.
Remember: the more reviews, the higher your chances to win a prize

Thank you for these 4 years together!

Your Dolphin