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Hi, today we are going to tell you about Dolphin{anty} affiliate program

If you haven't heard about it yet, hurry up and read this post!

Dolphin{anty} has an affiliate program that is available to absolutely everyone. Why should you use it?
Because it's a great way to share your favorite antique with your friends and earn some extra cash along the way.

How does it work?

You spread the word about Dolphin{anty} on your site, blog or social networking site.
When a person who follows your link makes a purchase, you get a percentage of each fare purchase.
It's simple. The more new users you bring in, the more you can earn.

What we offer:

15% of all your referrals' payments for life! And if you have cool ideas we're ready to discuss individual terms
of cooperation and provide help in creation of promo materials and a promo code for a 20% discount for your users.

How can I become an affiliate?

You need to read the rules of the affiliate program, get the referral link in your personal Dolphin{anty} cabinet
and start making mentions of Antic in your media resources. If you'd like to discuss a partnership with a manager, email @Dolphin_PR.

✅Become a Dolphin{anty} partner and increase your income!


We know that sometimes you have questions when working with Dolphin{anty}.
That's why we continue to analyze the most popular of them in our #FAQ section!

❓I use Free plan. I logged in from another device and there are no profiles. What do I do?
Cloud synchronization has been disabled for Free plans. If you used to be able to work on one PC,
then log in to your account on another PC and see that all your profiles are in place, now this is no longer possible.
All data is stored on one device only. If you want to work with more than one device, you have to subscribe for a fee or buy 10 more profiles.

❓Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we have a referral program. You can see all the details in your personal cabinet after you register.
There you will also find a referral link, which gives 15% referral fees for payments made by users you refer.
If you would like to discuss individual terms of cooperation, please contact Telegram @Dolphin_PR.

❓Browser profile won't start, but doesn't give you an error either?
There may be several reasons for this:
- Proxy problem. Check the connection.
- The browser kernel was not installed correctly, damaged or blocked by third-party programs or antivirus. We recommend enabling VPN and disabling antivirus during installation.
- Processes in the task manager may be overloaded. You may have a frozen process that won't close after closing the program, and because of this you can't start it again.
If there is no start button, it means that the whole antivirus or some of its components were installed incorrectly. Reinstall the application.

We are here to help! Leave your questions in the comments.

As promised, we're sharing the latest updates!

Over the past two weeks, our team has resolved a range of issues that you might have encountered.
We've released updates on several important points to make your work more comfortable and secure!

- We've eliminated the problem with mass proxy distribution within the team.
- We've resolved the issue of team members getting logged out.

- We've fixed an error that led to the closing of the incorrect profile.
In some cases, when a close request was made, the wrong profile was closed.

- We've improved the logic of working with extensions to solve problems with extension tabs and reset
cryptocurrency wallet settings (Martian, MetaMask, Phantom, Sui, etc.)
- We've fixed the issue of extension settings being reset on older profiles.
- We've eliminated the error of deleting an extension.

- We've fixed a bug where a user couldn't log into the application when sending the correct login/password, if authorization had been passed.

We are constantly working on improving Dolphin{anty} and strive to respond to your feedback as quickly as possible.
Thank you for being with us!

⚡️Double the benefits with Dolphin{anty}

We're breaking the laws of mathematics and boldly stating 1=2!
With Dolphin{anty}, everything is possible, and today we present an offer that challenges the standards⚡️

❤️ We have prepared an exclusive deal for new users — purchase a 1-month subscription for Base or higher plans,
and get an additional month for free!

❗️To participate in the promotion, you need to:

- Be a new Dolphin{anty} user.
- Purchase a 1-month subscription for Base or higher plans.
- Write the code word 1=2 to our support team on the website.

But the benefits don't stop there! Among all who participate in the promotion,
we will randomly select 3 winners and gift additional prizes:

- Apple Watch Series 8
- Apple AirPods Pro earphones
- Apple Speaker

➡️Promotion period: 17.07 - 26.07

❗️Please note, the promotion is only valid for new users.
If you attempt to create a new account to receive a free month, you risk losing data on all accounts.

✅ Join Dolphin{anty} and open new horizons in security!

Hi dear friends!

Together with our proxy partner ASOCKS, we are launching a campaign of real benefits!

ASOCKS is a popular service for renting high-quality residential proxies. Find out how to get free 5GB of traffic ⬇️

No More Trials, Now Go Hard!

The world is constantly evolving, and Dolphin{anty}, is no exception.
It’s time to streamline your initiation into the Dolphin{anty} experience!

❗️From today, we’re retiring the trial period to make the registration process even more straightforward and user-friendly!

What does this mean?
We are doing away with the 4-day trial limitation.
Upon registration, you’ll immediately get access to 10 free profiles on the Free plan from day one of usage ✅

❤️ Thank you for choosing Dolphin{anty}!