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We bring you amazing news!

Dolphin{anty} now has an RPA constructor!
It sounds scary, but actually this feature will significantly reduce the routine and free up a lot of time for you.

What it is?

✅ This is a browser automation constructor where you can set a specific script and it will be executed in browser profiles without your participation. Account registration, auto farming, bounty hunting - all this and much more can now be done automatically.

⚡️ Set the script, make some tea and go chill. Dolphin{anty} will do everything for you.

;) Please note that the constructor is still in beta version. We will be glad to hear any of your feedback or wishes about RPA.

⚡️ News of the week 15.08/21.08


✅ Updated Chrome to version 104
✅ Added new parsing patterns to parser.dolphin.ru.com


✅ Fixed a problem with the purchase / renewal of a license, when there was not enough money when paying with crypto.
Now, in case of a small lack of money, the number of days will be recalculated in proportion to the missing funds, but the license will be purchased/renewed.

✅ Fixed authorization error on the site and in Antique.
Now, instead of an incomprehensible error, the system accurately points to an incorrect login / password pairing if an error was made when entering.

✅ Fixed one of the reasons for profiles not launching related to incorrect unpacking of the browser core after downloading
✅ Fixed bug with appearance of phantom login/password fields for profiles that do not have a main website defined
✅ Improved availability of the proxy utility for download. Fixes some cases of profiles not running
✅ Fixed incorrect generation of fingerprints when adding a profile via parser.dolphin.ru.com
✅ Fixed a bug with launching automation scripts
✅ Fixed issue with geolocation emulation
✅ Fixed profile transfer bug
✅ Improved quality of work with Ebay

❗️All the mentioned innovations/corrections have ALREADY been delivered to you. No manual update is required.
❗️The current software version is 2022.117.1

✅ We released an update to the browser core, which fixes all problems with WebRTC.
Kernel version 115 (not to be confused with the chrome version). You can initiate an update by simply restarting the program.

deniszhitnyakov | CPA, FB, Dolphin

⚡️ Summary for 22.08/04.09 по Dolphin{anty}:

We initially resolved 78 requests that went from support to development.
We want to note:

✅ Fixed with WebRTC disabled
✅ Fixed changing the color of notes (it turned out that colors are used and oh, how actively!))
✅ Fixed the moment when the profile had several owners
✅ Fixed search by profile name when #instructor is at the beginning
✅ Fixed "profile already running" error when not running
✅ Fixed keyboard shortcut CMD + Z in Notes on Mac devices.

❗️All the mentioned innovations/corrections have ALREADY been delivered to you.
No manual update is required. The current software version is 2022.117.1.

What we're working on this week:

Payment in EUR
We strengthen the security of the authorization system
Making backend API v2.0 to make you less nervous due to bugs and slowdowns

We also drew a new design.
Throw tomatoes - in the comments (just subscribe first) ;)

⚡️Dolphin{anty} launches a super profitable promotion!;)

What is the essence of this promotion❓

The essence of the promotion is that we offer a profitable opportunity to switch to our anti-detect browser from other anti-detect browser.
If you have always wanted to try a powerful modern antidetect, now is the time.

What's the use❓
For those who decide to switch to Dolphin{anty}, we will compensate the rest of the paid access in another antidetect browser
+ add additional bonus days to the tariff in our browser.

Are there other bonuses❓
Yes! This time we will choose 6 winners among the participants of the action and will give away a lot of cool prizes from us and our partners,
including accounts, a brand new iPhone 14 and more!

➡️ You can read the full terms and conditions of the promotion here.

✅ All major technical work completed

Dolphin{anty} services have successfully migrated to Amazon Web Services.
This is done in order to increase the throughput of our services, for a quick launch, for the performance and stability of the product.

To ensure security and a smooth transition, we have logged out all user accounts.
If the difficulty persists when logging into your account, write to our support. We will gladly help!
All appeals are recorded and will be resolved without fail.

We continue to improve the software, your Dolphin{anty}

We’ve updated the browser core to version 106 of Chrome.

Quick reference, why update Chrome at all if it’s already working fine:

Chrome regularly releases new versions and users around the world update their browsers. If we didn’t release kernel updates, it would be suspicious to the advertising sites that 95% of users are using the latest (or penultimate) and some are using the 2007 version.

Regular browser core updates are about your security and anonymity.

What else has been done:

✅Reworked tab saving.
✅Dolphin{anty} now works with proxies from http://soax.com
✅Solved the problem with Protonmail, Tutanota and Lyft
✅Improved headless mode

Hello! ;)
We have updated the browser core to version 107 of Chrome - fresh as grandma's pies.

ℹ️Short reference, why update Chrome at all, if everything worked fine anyway:

Chrome rolls out new versions regularly and users around the world update their browsers.
If we had not released core updates, it would be suspicious for advertising platforms,
that 95% of users use the latest (or, in extreme cases, the penultimate) version of the browser, and someone sits as if from 2007.

❗️Regular browser core updates are about your security and anonymity, remember this.

⚡️A little more information from the latest updates:

✅ redesigned saving tabs
✅ Dolphin{anty} now supports proxies from soax.com
✅ solved the problem with Protonmail, Tutanota and Lyft
✅ improved headless mode
✅ fixed tab history saving
✅ improved work with Discord
✅ improved captcha loading on several sites
✅ Fingerprint swaps are cooler, and they now pass pixelscan and proton.me better

That's all for now. Very soon we will tell you about the Black Friday promotion and huge discounts! Wait for news ;)
⚡️ Looking forward to some really great deals on Black Friday? :)

How about 87% off and a lifetime subscription?

Yes, yes, you didn't mishear that! For one week only, from November 25 to December 2 (inclusive),
you have the opportunity to buy a lifetime subscription to Dolphin{anty} at a HUGE discount.

Let's consider the benefits:

Tariff Base for $1,335
Tariff Team for $2,385
Tariff Enterprise for $4,485.

➡️➡️➡️Sounds good, right? Read the detailed promotion terms and conditions here.
❤️❤️❤️ Don't miss the chance to get access to Dolphin{anty} for a real bargain.

Hi :)

It seems that only Santa Claus works harder on New Year's Eve than our technical department!

We have updated the browser core to version 108 of Chrome. Newer only in the minds of Google developers
We also optimized the loading of proxy lists, which speeded up the work of the main antiquity sections (browser profiles and proxies) ⚡️

❗️Follow the news, we do not stand still and will soon please you again with useful updates!


We wish you a Happy New Year! We wish that every morning in 2023 will greet you with a couple of leads in the stack. May the advertising platforms be loyal to your ads. May crypto grow exactly what's in your wallets. Let everything work out!

For us, like everyone else, 2022 was a challenging year. But we didn't stand still and made Dolphin{anty} even cooler. For example, this year we:

✅ Made 11 core updates
✅ Launched automation builder
✅ Launched account parser
✅ Launched browser extension
✅ Focused on stability and AWS - a lot of work to move to amazon, improved security and all that
✅ We released a whole bunch of new features: robot cookies, profiles pinning, browser extension for notes and statuses, proxies and other stuff we released during the year

Of course, we're not going to stop there. Here are just some of our plans for the next year:

⚡️ Let's continue to work on stability
⚡️ We will super upgrade the tool by functionality and release the marketplace of scripts.
⚡️ We are going to redesign Dolphin{anty} to make it even more comfortable to use
⚡️ We'll make fonts and mobile fingerprints swaps for the browser

These are just the basics!

We are going to work hard on new features and upgrade the product to prove once again that we are the best anti-detect browser on the market. We wish you a stunning success in the coming year. And we'll be by your side to make it easy for you. Happy New Year! ;)


Dolphin{anty} is keeping up with the times as always, so we're ̶r̶e̶l̶e̶a̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶f̶l̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶a̶c̶h̶i̶n̶e̶s̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶
updated the browser core to the 109 version of Chrome.

Anti-Fraud system is not a problem for you, get high and enjoy the comfort and reliability of your favorite antidetect ;)

❗️Please note
With the release of version 110 Chrome will no longer support Windows 7 and Windows 8.
If you use them, upgrade to a newer version of Windows before February 2023.

The browser core has been updated to version 110 and is already available for use!

✅Now fingerprints are more relevant and even more reliable.

❗️Pay attention.
Chrome 110 and above will be supported on Windows 10 and above,
if you are using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 - we strongly recommend updating the OS.

An era has passed


In just 2 weeks, we managed to work out 7 important points:

✅ Fixed a layout error in the user's personal account
✅ Updated browser core to version 110
✅ Worked out stability and optimized long requests
✅ Updated API to increase security and speed
✅ Added the ability to solve captcha to the automation designer (scripts)
✅ Resolved issues with WebRTC to improve audio and video calls
✅ Fixed a bug when bulk importing profiles

In fact, we did not limit ourselves to the above points and did a lot of other important work,
Although it is not so noticeable, it is also very important.

Just know that we are working hard to make Dolphin{anty} the best tool for our users! :)

Pay attention again

❗️Today we have implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) in the browser client.
You can set it up through Google Authenticator or any convenient service in your account on the Dolphin{anty} website.

✅Thanks to this feature, you can configure the maximum security of your account. Use and sleep peacefully, knowing that your data is under several locks.

❗️Enabling 2FA is optional, but we highly recommend using it.

Please note that if you work in a team, then for each team member 2FA you need to enable it separately.

Best regards,


Do you know how to save a lot of time at work? That's right, use the Dolphin{anty} automation constructor.
Now we are hard at work refining this tool to truly unleash its full power! Believe me, it can make your life much easier.

So, fresh constructor updates:

Completely redesigned the display of logs:
- Made them nice and readable
- Made the display of the execution time of the line
- Made it possible to copy the log
- Different logging levels highlighted in different colors
- Made syntax highlighting payload logs

What else is new:
- Added action history functionality (ctrl+z, ctrl+y)
- Added the ability to receive SMS activations inside the script in the constructor
- Added blocks for updating status and profile notes in Antique
- Added spintax block
- Redesigned the selection of blocks to be more convenient

A pack of bugfixes:
- Made tooltips for the constructor button in the bulk action panel
- Solved the problem with dragging the "Press key" block
- Made it convenient to display blocks when creating a scenario so that all blocks are in the visibility zone
- Solved the problem with incorrect saving scenarios
- Fixed the display of the choice of profiles

And we are also very interested to know exactly how you use the constructor in order to continue improving it with more knowledge.
You can tell about your cases on the constructor here.

❗️We have updated the rules for using the Dolphin{anty} referral program, you can find it here.

By the way, now is the time to start participating in our affiliate program. After all, this a great opportunity to tell others about your favorite anti-detect browser and at the same time make good money at the same time

Dolphin{anty} is offering 15% of all your referrals' payments for life! Moreover, if you have cool ideas or opportunities for promotion, we are always ready to discuss any initiatives and help with promotional materials

Tempting? Then what are you waiting for? Your referral link is already waiting in your account on the site.

Earn money easily with Dolphin{anty}

❗️We have updated our Dolphin{anty} privacy policy and terms of use.

Our new privacy policy is designed to provide you with greater transparency and control over your personal data.
We believe that transparency is key to building trust with our users, so we have made our privacy policy easier to read and understand. It outlines the types of information we collect, how we use it, and who we share it with.

We believe that our updated privacy policy and service rules will help to create a safer and more transparent online environment for our users.

✅ We at Dolphin{anty} work hard every day to improve our product to make your job comfortable and safe.

Best regards, Dolphin{anty}

⚡️Benefits of using Dolphin{anty}

Hi, we're starting a new column where we're going to talk about the functionality of Dolphin{anty}.
In these posts, you'll find cool features you might not have known about before.

And today we want to tell you about the Browsing Time column.
This is a metric that is reflected on the main screen of Antic.
It's great for teamwork and for keeping track of farming accounts.
Thanks to this feature, you will be able to understand how much time you or a member of your team spent in a certain browser.

✅How do I make the time column appear on the main screen?
To do this, go to the column settings (the gear icon in the upper right corner) and put a check mark next to the time column.
In the same settings, you can rank the columns in the order you like.

Do you know about this feature? ;)

Tired of wasting time on routine tasks?
We have a solution - Dolphin{anty} Script Builder!

Script Builder is a browser automation that is created with an interactive map.
Imagine every click, button click, login/password input and other actions you perform in the browser.
This work can be delegated to a robot.

We've prepared an article describing the functionality of the script builder and providing an overview of each block.
With its help you will easily write your first script and forget about the routine.

✅ Read the article ✅

⚡️ Skill the script builder and automate your work with Dolphin{anty}