How to choose a payment card for Facebook


A payment card is an important point that many beginner affiliates don’t think about. And they don't start thinking until they catch a couple of bans of their advertising account.

In this article, we will tell you why not every card is suitable for affiliate marketing and what criteria should be used to choose it.

Why not all cards work

If you are a private advertiser who plans to promote a product or service that does not violate the rules of a particular site or law, you will not have any problems. You can simply issue a regular bank card of any bank and link it to your personal account.

An affiliate marketer is unlikely to succeed. The fact is that webmasters who claim a lot of income work with a large number of offers. There is a golden rule in affiliate marketing: 1 advertising account — 1 proxy — 1 card.

If you link the same card to different advertising accounts and one of them is banned, the trust of the remaining accounts may decrease or they will also be blocked.

However, not all cards are suitable for linking to Facebook Business Manager. The social network has already collected a large amount of data on the behavior patterns of affiliates. In particular, which payment systems they use most often.

It is easy to determine: the number of any card contains information about the country of issue of the card, payment system, bank and type of card. By the first 6 digits, you can determine the payment system, the type of card and the bank that issued the card. If the cards of a particular bank or payment system are often banned by Facebook, for sure, you may also have problems.

There are three key consequences of bad payments:
  1. The card will not be linked to the account and then you will need to issue another card.
  2. The card will be linked, but there will be more attentive moderation from Facebook. This means that if you immediately launch a campaign with offers that violate the rules of the social network, the advertising account will be banned.
  3. Facebook can show your advertisement to a less active audience. As a result, the fee will be charged for unprofitable impressions, and you can find out only through a detailed analysis of the advertising campaign. Otherwise, it will seem to you that you are doing something wrong and will endlessly iterate over creatives, although the reason will be completely different.
Which payment card to choose

There are two basic payment instruments that affiliates can use: virtual and plastic cards. Let's analyze each one separately.

Standard bank card. In most banks, in order to receive a card, you need to come to the office.

Since affiliates need cards on a large scale, and in addition to a personal visit to the office, there is also a limit on the number of open accounts and issued cards, not everyone is ready to spend time on this.

Moreover, the bank may charge a commission for maintaining the account and issuing the card.

Bank cards have a significant advantage: such payment will cause the least suspicion. It will be especially good if the bank is relatively new, which means its BIN is unlikely to come under suspicion of the social network.

If you take a card of a bank that is popular in your country, which has very simple ways to obtain a card, it is highly likely that its BIN is also under suspicion of Facebook.

Many affiliate marketers choose banks that do not charge a service fee, you can link 5-10 cards to an account and have cards delivered right to your home.

We’ll make a few examples on Russian banks.

Tinkoff Bank does not have offices, so the cards are delivered by the bank's specialists or by mail. At the same time, for free service, you need to keep in the bank at least 50,000 rubles or the equivalent of the amount in foreign currency. Otherwise, the service fee will be 99 rubles per month.

Raiffeisen Bank has no service charge for some debit cards in Russia, and the card can be obtained both at the bank's office and by courier delivery. But additional cards need to be picked up at the office.

The perfect issue is to get a card in the bank of the country where you will promote the offer. But since not everyone has such an opportunity, if you bind a plastic card, this is not so critical - plastic bank card still have a higher trust than that of a virtual one.

Virtual card. Virtual cards can be issued both in banks and through a payment system. In addition to the fact that Facebook will be able to understand what type of card you issued, there is another problem: when you reissue a virtual card, you may get a card with a number that has already been used on Facebook before, and moreover, it was banned. In this case, immediately after linking the card, the account can be blocked.

And yet, some affiliate marketers manage to link virtual cards without any consequences.

Below are some of the popular payment services that are used in Russia.

Qiwi is a popular electronic wallet to which you can issue a virtual card. Their new service - QIWI Master deserves special attention. With its help, up to 50 virtual cards can be issued to one wallet. The first 5 cards are issued free of charge, and each subsequent one will cost 99 rubles. At the same time, the cost of the connection to the service package itself is 2,999 rubles.

It is important to keep in mind that these will be virtual cards and Facebook will immediately understand this.

Yandex money. You should use a Yandex. Money card only if you have a maximally warmed up account that has not received any warnings from Facebook.

The fact is that since 2017, affiliate marketers have been actively using the card of this service: it could be issued in one click, up to 10 cards could be linked to one account, and cause of the postpayment, many abandoned their advertising accounts and left unpaid advertising invoices.

Eventually, Facebook took drastic measures. If an affiliate links the card of this service, at best he will simply have a lower trust, at worst — Facebook will not allow advertising to be launched and will block the ad account by issuing a “Risk Payment” error.

Although the service has updated its BIN and some affiliates are comfortable working with its cards, we recommend not to risk it.

PayPal. Oddly enough, Facebook has confidence in this e-wallet. This payment system has several levels of verification, therefore, in order to create several wallets - one for each account — you will need a stock of phone numbers and electronic wallets. When creating a wallet, you can select any geo, which means that you can use the one for which your Facebook ad account is configured.

If you don't want to rack your brains about which card to use, so that it is probably not blocked, you can buy the verified payment at for $ 99. We provide guarantees for all our tools, so you can be sure that even if your account is ever blocked, it will not be due to weak payment.