1. Stuart Gibson


    I seen this store on facebook and recognised it as an alidropship store. I love the look of their facebook wall and post. Also how the slider work on my Facebook timeliness. Could someone tell me how to make my Facebook page look better like this please? Ps fantastic looking niche
  2. Tokayah

    facebook unpublish my page and banned my ads account

    so i just got my page unpublish and my personal facebook ads account banned(with some money left inside).after trying to google the reason i think i got banned because i try to promote shop now with newly created page.im only have 2 post content and immediately try promote shop now.15 minute...
  3. Julius Suralta

    MichaelAngelo Theme - Social Media avialability

    Hi, My site https://allrctoys.com is using MichaelAngelo theme and i like it. It's just that i am missing the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE like in DAVINCI. Earlier version of MichaelAngelo, i noticed the Instagram but not anymore in the recent updates. Hope you guys can have FACEBOOK, TWITTER...