ifttt help


i'm trying to integrate ifttt to my website. www.babiessentials.com so that everytime i put a product it is automatically posted or shared on my facebook page.

I have already found an ifttt applet to do it, i think. however it gives me an error.

I have two questions.

1.) Is publishing a new product similar to posting a new blog in wordpress?
2.) If it is, what URL, username and password should I provide the app?

Attached is a screengrab of the error for your reference.





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1. Your question is a bit confusing but I assume your question is about the post type. If it is so, then the Post_type:products are not the same as Post_type:post (a blog post). You may need to correctly configure this on the app in IFTTT.

2. As I can read on the image, you need to put your WordPress admin information so it logs in and grants access by itself.