Facebook Pixel

I have put Facebook Pixel on my site 007sunglasses.com, in order to run a campaign I need to know what is my “FEED URL”
Can you please help me to find it?
You pasted the code into header or footer I think and it shows up on your page "google-site-verification: googlec00cf0114e0f0c50.html", I assume this is for your google analytics, I could be wrong but there is a place, Customize -> General, where you can paste the ID and it won't show up.
As you have seen creating a Facebook custom audience to your website is simple. Once you have gotten a decent traffic, Facebook pixel WordPress plugin will then prepare the custom audience for specified category for you to start promoting your articles. I trust that this Pixel Caffeine review has helped you. You can combine it with Google analytics and you will have perfect analytics in no time.