facebook pixel

  1. jeffersondraculan009


    Hello Guys, Can somebody help me with the error below, please? I cant read my data as fb pixel did not track sales today. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance! Event Name Mismatch 867 Ad Sets Impacted Last detected: Sep 14, 2019, 10:37 PM 4 instances ISSUE Your...
  2. Med

    Facebook Pixel Enabled But Not Firing At any Event!

    Hello there Ladies and gentlemen! i hope you are having a nice day. Today i wanted to include a fb pixel to my website. So i created a new one, copied the Pixel ID then went to my website --> customization --> genaral and pasted it. I also installed Facebook Pixel Helper on my browser for...
  3. DormStore

    Problems installing Facebook Pixel

    I followed the instructions located in the article located here, however I'm receiving numerous error's via the Chrome Facebook Pixel Helper plugin. See attached images. The first attached image (with a red AddToCart error) shows the errors I'm seeing on individual product pages. The second...
  4. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    Facebook Pixel

    I have put Facebook Pixel on my site 007sunglasses.com, in order to run a campaign I need to know what is my “FEED URL” Can you please help me to find it?
  5. Gelot

    Do we Need to set up one facebook pixel for each product?

    On the resources, we are instructed to apply a facebook pixel on customizations tab. Now is that pixel for all products? Or do we need to set up one facebook pixel for each ad product? especially when we are to do conversions
  6. R

    Add to Cart and Purchase Pixels are not working

    Hi Admins, I already added facebook pixel ID into the Customization >> Facebook Pixel Code field but add to cart and purchase pixels are not firing. I also checked my site with Facebook Pixel Helper plugin. Can you please quickly help on this issue? Some big ad campaigns are in the queue but...
  7. S

    Problem with FB Pixel - code is displaying on my website

    Hello, I have just added pixel code in proper place (without changing anything) and I have a problem - you can see the code on my website it looks like that on desktop, and on the mobile version the whole code (half of the screen) can be seen.. Any advice what might be wrong? Thanks!