Anyone Else having issues with Facebook Pixel/Ads?

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I followed the instructions located in the article located here, however I'm receiving numerous error's via the Chrome Facebook Pixel Helper plugin. See attached images.
  1. The first attached image (with a red AddToCart error) shows the errors I'm seeing on individual product pages.
  2. The second attached image (yellow ViewContent & AddToCart) shows what I get when adding a product to cart.
  3. The third attached image is what I get on the Checkout Page. Not sure if this is relevant, just added it for informational purposes.
  4. Fourth attached image is from the general Shop/Product Category Page. Again, just for informational purposes
Based on the instructions provided at the above link, I'm copying my Facebook pixel ID from the Facebook pixel setup process, and pasting it in Customization--> General at the bottom of the page. I'm using the AliDropShip Michelangelo Theme.

For the record, I tried a few other ways to install the pixel (listed below) with no luck either:
  • Pasting entire Facebook pixel script into the Customization--> Head section- Only PageView, Microdata, and weirdly "SubscribedButtonClick" on the Add to Cart page.
  • Pasting the entire Facebook pixel script into the Customization--> General at the bottom of the page. Just displayed the raw pixel code at the top of my website.
  • Facebook WooCommerce Pixel Plugin - Didn't ask me to setup the pixel, as it normally does when WooCommerce is installed. No pixel detected.
Any help would be much appreciated as I obtain the majority of my conversions via Facebook Ads on other DropShipping sites.

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