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Dec 16, 2017 at 4:32 PM
    1. Andy Studer
      Andy Studer
      hey kingpin
      thanks for your constant contribution to this forum - its really helpful :-)

      Two Questions:

      1. Did you already send the PDF with the selling trick? i commented, that i need this...
      2. when i buy webrily over your website - is it gonna be the 2.0 version?

      thanks for your reply :-)
      1. kingpin
        Dec 14, 2017 at 2:50 AM
      2. kingpin
        and I'm still making the PDF once its ready i will pm everyone who commented with the download link
        Dec 14, 2017 at 2:51 AM
    2. Sauarabh

      First of all thanks for your reply on my post.

      yes please tell me the process of plugins for discounts also tell me which all plugins do you suggest.

      but again i am not using woo version of plugin so can you tell me is it possible to use yith plugins with original alidropship ???

      looking forward for your reply.

      thank you
    3. Arec Long
      Arec Long
      Hi kingpin, have you received the email?
    4. denz
      Hi kingpin, any suggestion plugins like Recent Sales Pop-Up for woocommerce because I using flatsome? Thank you,..
    5. Amit
      Hi please respond to my query:If i integrate Paypal + Payumoney on online store(India) using alidropship plugin then how my overseas customers who does not have a paypal account going to pay using credit/debit card?..can they pay or they can't?..which payment gateways do you suggest if not this combination?
      1. kingpin
        PM Me here on the forum for solution and the guidance
        Oct 24, 2017
    6. Dom
      Hi Kingpin, I been reading your posts & Alibaba marketing article, its very informative. I know my niche and want to start 3 4 websites at once (is that a good idea) I work full time but I want to work for myself so this is a effort to make it a reality. At this point of time am have a journal theme and do you think I can use Ali dropshipping plugi? Any tips on How to research for good suppliers for dropshipping
      1. Yaros
    7. Arec Long
      Arec Long
      Hi kingpin, if you do dropshipping, I think you will like our service. Now my website is being updated, I can show you later.
      First we provide free warehouse to collect goods from different factories, cheaper price.
      We dont sell anything, Aliexpress is your competitor, they stole your profits.
      We have many logistics service to choose, as your China partner, it's easier for us to find good factories and products.
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      2. kingpin
        sounds nice. can you send more details my email is
        Oct 11, 2017
      3. Arec Long
        Oct 11, 2017
    8. yes
      Hi Kingping, Awesome story you got there!

      Any tips for beginners? Where to host, how to start the whole setup?(how did you start?)
      I wait for reaction.
    9. Johnny Hook
      Johnny Hook
      Hi Kingpin,
      1. Could you please pm me that company that can register a LLC @ $299 ?
      2. My facebook account was banned, I think it was because I uploaded a video about my store (discount products), can you share with me please a solution to this? They asked me to upload my picture, I uploaded it
      Thank you in advance!
    10. Bulat
      About FB ban - it's not for link I think, I recieving such bans from time to time. The link I created and try to share -
      I want to know how to share such posts to groups of my niche without ban (2 day later I created 2 links and share them to some groups - about 7-8, less then 10) and it was OK, but today - permanent ban.
      1. kingpin
        oh i see.
        i will PM you some solutions later. this is not pm this is a profile section. to send pm one need to click on members profile name and than click on START A CONVERSATION
        Oct 8, 2017
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    11. NikoTien
      Hi Kingpin,
      here is my email address:
      1. kingpin likes this.
    12. Rock Buddy
    13. mankji
      Can you send me an e-mail?
      Thank you
      1. kingpin likes this.
      2. kingpin
        Aug 29, 2017
    14. mankji
      Rehan Eiajz said: ↑
      Hello Kinngpin,

      How to register LLC?
      there are many websites that do the processing on your behalf and charge you more then 500$
      but i know a site that do that only for 299$ and will register it in 24 hours

      inbox me for the link. dont wana advertise any other person's biz publicly
    15. roberto reyes
      roberto reyes
      Hi kingpin... im using profitbuilder and is one my favorites plugins really but i just starting in this ecom business with a VPS hosting server and using flatsome theme.. but i installed a couple a weeks ago and cant use it with flatsome for some incompatibility maybe with the flatsome designer.. do you use it with flatsome theme? and how you managed this issue?
      1. kingpin likes this.
      2. kingpin
        Check you pm
        Sent you a simple trick to make them work
        Aug 27, 2017
    16. axiom786
      I am Happy of my New Customized Website and wish to introduce it to you for your kind attention and assistance please ...your suggestions are most welcomed...thank you in anticipation
    17. Krishna Jangir
      Krishna Jangir
      Hi Kingpin, My Indian Brother.

      I want the suggestion for Payment Gateway.
      I am in a trouble, can you please suggest me any suitable payment gateway for credit/debit card checkout for India or Middle East.
      Your help will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks In Advance.
      1. kingpin
        ccavenue or PayUbiz
        Jul 17, 2017
    18. Jeevan
      Hi kIngpin! Are you still selling your Web Tool? Thanks!
    19. goldincome
      i know a site that do that only for 299$ and will register it in 24 hours

      Please, can you tell me the site to do my LLC?
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      2. Yaros
        Do you want to register US LLC?
        Apr 11, 2017
      3. Tenario
        @goldincome could you please pm me that company that can register a LLC @ $299 ? Thanks
        Jun 24, 2017
    20. Madhouse Escape
      Madhouse Escape
      Hey dude, would you be able to email me, I am looking for someone to help me out.

      1. Julius Suralta likes this.
      2. Tenario
        @Madhouse did he message you the company to open LLC?
        Jun 24, 2017
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