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Travelling till 26th of December Dec 11, 2017 at 10:34 AM

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Dec 15, 2017 at 10:26 PM
    1. axiom786
      Wish you Happy Christmas!
    2. Yaros
      Travelling till 26th of December
      1. kingpin
        Happy travelling
        enjoy your December Yaros :)
        Dec 13, 2017 at 10:56 AM
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    3. CP Value House
      CP Value House
      Hello Yaros, I am having issues with the stripe integration on my website. For some reason it is declining all debit credit cards. I tried making a purchase with two of my cards and received the same issue.
    4. noirty
      hi yaros, i have made the wrong purchase of additional pluggins on your site. i have yet to receive a responses from alidropship support. thank you
    5. wanabud
      hello Yaros,
      I already publish my website (wanabud.com) with alidropship, but it still problem with abandoned Cart. So I install the Abandoncart plugin, but it ask a Licence Key.. Can I ask the License Key for Abandoned Cart plugin for my alidropship? thank you
    6. zahir
      Please help me paypal checkout system :(
    7. Helen Cheng
      Helen Cheng
      Hi Yaros, I had purchased the basic custom store yesterday and received an email about the confirmation and that you guys will b contacting me soon when the store is being built. Is there anywhere that I can print out the invoice or receipt? I require this to declare for my yearly tax returns. I'm from Singapore. Please advise. Thank you.
      1. Yaros
        Hello, don't worry, your personal manager will contact you and start working on your project on Monday.
        Nov 25, 2017
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    8. Johnny Mascary
      Johnny Mascary
      Where do i send you the PM for beta testing the plugins?
    9. Nadine
      Hi goodevening, I want to purchase custom store using paypal but it says "We're sorry, but we can't send your payment right now
      Return to merchant and try a different payment method". Can you please help me.
    10. AnhND
      "The speed depends on the distance between your server and servers of AliExpress."
      ==> Hi, I try both Server location in US NewYork and Singapore but nothing better.
      Beside i use woo alidropship version.
      I track the location of server Aliexpress and pretty sure it is in US. So Aliexpress Server and my in the same country? How could that be so long
    11. AnhND
      I just move my website from Vietnam VPS to location in US NewYork VPS to get the best speed.

      My laptop internet : 12 Mbp/s
      My VPS Location : VPS - DigitalOcean (1GM Ram, 1 Corechip and 20GB SSD) - Location US NewYork

      But unfortunately the speed even worse. The bulk direct import not working and all ways import products can't import more than 6 products each times.
      1. Yaros
        The speed depends on the distance between your server and servers of AliExpress.
        Nov 14, 2017
    12. Bed Bee
      Bed Bee
      I purchased AliDropship Hosting and registered a domain with cheap name.
      I also purchasedAliDropship Plugin package.
      I have change my DNS at Namecheap. I m loss after this. Can help me next?

      What can I do after this..
      1. Yaros
        send your domain to support@alidropship.com and you will get your hosting cPanel access.
        Nov 13, 2017
      2. Bed Bee
        Bed Bee
        Thank you will do it now
        Nov 13, 2017
    13. Abdelkarim
      Hello is the Countdown now finish?
    14. Just4ed
      Yaros. I received messages from you about dropshippers success stories like Shopify. I delided to work with Alidropship and want to buy Ultimate package and Gold hosting. Alena, has promised to send me a coupon code discount. I'm ready to start, unfortunately, Alena didn't give feedback with the coupon code discount. can you see with Alena? I'm in Canada. Thank!
    15. Michael Fridman
      Michael Fridman
      Hello Yaros, how would selling in Dubai work for me, the bank account is here. What credit card processing would I use?

      Also, is e-packet offered for this region? is e-packet limited to certain places?

      Does 2checkout work with this plugin?

      Thanks for your help!
    16. alexhjk
      "Actually, China post provides tracking on all packages now, so it's not a problem to track an order."
      I do the same, there is a tracking (or the aliexpress sellers would lose all the disputes),
      however I prefer epacket or aliexpress standard shipping :
    17. Blinxi
      You mentioned elsewhere online you occasionally use China Mail, (as this is not tracked, outside of China that is), how do you know whether or not YOUR buyer has received their order?… as we still have to hit ‘Confirm’ on AliExpress (to release funds from escrow to the original seller). Thanks in advance!
      1. Yaros
        Actually, China post provides tracking on all packages now, so it's not a problem to track an order.
        Oct 5, 2017
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    18. ymayooran
      iam form srilanka my store contain 12500 products iam applied payment gateway stripe and 2co but rejected.whatis the solution for this problem
    19. krishna kumar thakur
      krishna kumar thakur
      Hi, Yaros
      anyone can tell me about Import of product from Aliexpre to Magento 2
      I am owner of www.onisdeal.com
    20. krishna kumar thakur
      krishna kumar thakur
      Hi, anyone can tell me about Import of product from Aliexpre to Magento 2
      I am owner of www.onisdeal.com
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