- a free service for managing ads of all your FB accounts from one place


Starting from today provides access to a free tool -!
What can you do with this new tool?
Create ad campaigns automatically with templates
Control and track all accounts from one place - a browser page
Hide and delete comments
Monitor billing and CC's
Get the stats even after you get a ban of social accounts
Launch, stop, duplicate and delete ad campaigns, adsets and ads
Create Fan Pages, BMs and pixels
Add a CC
Change ad account country and accept FB nondiscrimination policy
Get telegram notifications

And much much more ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!
Enjoy your work with FB and get the maximum profit! - an indispensable tool for affiliate marketers


Hey Friends!
We have started selling Facebook Business Managers as part of project!

And most importantly, the service itself remains FREE FOREVER, as well as it remains an indispensable tool for comfortable work with Facebook Ads!

We will also continue to add various expendables that may be needed for work.

There are currently 2 offers available:
BM 50$ - 9$
BM 250$ - 19$ - a free tool for affiliate marketers, who works with Facebook.


We have super news for you

A new product has been released in

FROM.proxy - proxy, specifically designed for Facebook accounts.

From now on we provide residential proxy with a static IP address. Our pool has more than 72,000 IP addresses and it's constantly refilled. Choose your country, state / region and city! (operators and providers selection will be available soon)

That means you can assign an individual proxy to each Facebook account and they will never overlap each other, which increases an account lifespan!

Also you can purchase a pool of static IP addresses and use them as mobile proxy! IPs in this pool will be rotated automatically, so you can assign only one proxy for all Facebook accounts, like a mobile one, but in fact you connect a pool of residential ones!

And the best part, you only pay for what you actually used! You don't need to pay in advance for the whole month. Balance is charged on daily basis - only for traffic spent and for IP lease.

Try our new proxy now in