How to rename the media for better SEO when importing

I would like to know that while importing the product, how i can rename the media file for better seo, is there any option available in import plugin, if not then is there any possibility to be available in future because when i import a product they have very weird names.
if there is no possibility in future that this option is to be added then is there any other way to rename those images according to the post title..


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I use Media Renamer Pro by Jordi Meow... Killer Wordpress plugin, it will make you gain hundreds of hours renaming all those files. I use it on Ali Woo with no prob. The plugin will batch renaming all the photo and attachments according to the post/product page title name. The plugin cost 16$ for one year for 5 sites.
Cool, I didnt know about that but yesterday i have found free superb tool called media library assistant. its a free tool and it has tons of options. i just wanted to change the title and alt text of the images coz i have more then 1500 images at my website. that tool saved me. it has taken the post title and has bulk renamed the title and alt text of all the images..... that was super cool. i really liked the tool and it saves a lot of time