import product

  1. R

    Error 500 when import products

    Hi, i get error 500 when importing product.. i have try to reinstall chrome plugin and log out log in again but still same... Has anyone ever experienced this? how to fix this issue?
  2. Mairon Benevides

    New Plugin to Migrate Product from one Site to Another

    I developed a plugin as alidropship plugin extension to to migrate products added in on site to another. You just have to install the plugin in both sites and set parameters only in "importer". You can adjust many itens. The main features are about categories. You can add category...
  3. C

    Best import option for standard plug-in

    Hi Guys, I have found online many csv importer add-ons/plug-ins meant for Woo but I have not found anything for the normal plugin. I have a drop shipper who has provided me with a csv file so I can upload their items along side ali ones however all plug-ins are aimed at woo-commerce. Has...
  4. earthmadegoodsco

    Inconsistent Import of products

    As you can see from the image attached, some products are imported with prices just fine and others don't import the prices. For each of these 3 products I used the exact same settings, use prices for variations and no price formula, instead I set the price myself for both sale and regular. The...
  5. ahmadtalal0786

    How to rename the media for better SEO when importing

    Hi, I would like to know that while importing the product, how i can rename the media file for better seo, is there any option available in import plugin, if not then is there any possibility to be available in future because when i import a product they have very weird names. if there is no...
  6. Abu Saeed Mohammad Sayem

    Product import Problem

    After importing a product I can't find any product ID, store link, and product link? As a result, when someone placing an order, I can't place that order to aliexpress because I don't have any links to aliexpress for that particular product. How can I solve this problem?!!! And as I don't have...
  7. M

    Imports Products Price '0'

    Hi, I am facing a problem with products importing. Whenever I try to import a new product the price become "0" Zero in my imported list. I already complaints to the customer service & they asked to wait for next update of plugin. It's been a week the problem is happening. While I am using a...
  8. A

    Filter imported products

    There appears to be no way to filter out products that are already imported. It then imports the product twice. There should be a way to filter importing products that have already been imported.
  9. Kent

    Import Products Going To Main Page of Our Site & Not Shop Page

    Hello Can anyone help with the above? Once I have imported a product from the Alidropship plugin, it goes to "Products" on our Wordpress dashboard which is fine. The problem is when I view the check the info is on the main page of the site and not on the Shop page where I need it to be...
  10. G

    Long product import time and fail

    Hello, When importing products from Aliexpress using the Chrome extension it takes a few minutes and then it fails to import. If I refresh the page and click on "Import" again then it helps sometimes.