1. L

    delete products images

    hey for all... i have delete all my products. and my products list is empty now in my wordpress woocommerce site. but the images of the products did not deleted. it is still show in the media. how can i delete it all via SQL code.
  2. earthmadegoodsco

    Jpegfit files cluttering media manager

    I've been trying to resolve this issue for a while now. Both with customer support (to no avail) and by myself. Is anyone having or have had this issue, with images waiting to be imported indicating x number of files in the admin bar, as ell as tons of "jpegfit" files showing up in the media...
  3. ahmadtalal0786

    How to rename the media for better SEO when importing

    Hi, I would like to know that while importing the product, how i can rename the media file for better seo, is there any option available in import plugin, if not then is there any possibility to be available in future because when i import a product they have very weird names. if there is no...
  4. c0nvct

    Remove unlinked product images

    Hi, I'm Chris (aka c0nvct) and I am setting up my first drop ship site using the DaVinci theme. I've started importing a few products, updating the descriptions and editing product images and image file names. I am serving the images from my own server as I want to add frames etc to be in...