payment gateway

  1. M

    Dedicated Merchant account for Drop shipping sites.

    Hi All, My name is Mike and I work for a company called Axcess Merchant Services, we are a dedicated payment gateway with an appetite specifically in medium-higher risk payment business. We have a dedicated home for any EU dropshipping websites who would be looking to improve their settlement...
  2. S

    Need help with Stripe, want to add afterpay to my website.

    Hi legends, hope you are doing great. Recently stripe has started to add other payment options. Afterpay is one of it. Afterpay is buy now pay later option for the customers. so my default currency is setup in USD, but I live in Australia. and my stripe account is registered in australia. so...
  3. EdnaW

    Tracking QR payments?

    Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to track your payments through a plugin on the website? I recently had a web developer make an update to my payment gateway for online payments to include a generated QR code on our end (I used this online generator) but am having quite the time figuring out...
  4. mrkapable

    Get Your Payment gateway

    Today i am here to give back to the community. Been a member for a long time i decide to Solve payment gateway issues like Paypal, Stipe, 2checkout and many more. When i started dropshipping, i face many rejections, lack of cross border payments was also a barrier for me which forced me to...
  5. mrkapable

    Get Your Payment gateway | solved

    Today i am here to give back to the community. Been a member for a long time i decide to Solve payment gateway issues like Paypal, Stipe, 2checkout and many more. When i started dropshipping, i face many rejections, lack of cross border payments was also a barrier for me which forced me to...
  6. E

    Can i use any woocommerce payment gateway with alidropship-woo plugin website ?

    Hi, Can i use regular payment gateway (like Cahsfree or PayTm) plugin available for woocommerce in alidropship-woo plugin website. i have been running a alidropship original plugin website till now. PS. my paypal got suspended and it made my options very limited.
  7. masoudfn

    rayanpay payment gateway

    To pay in Rials in Iran, you can use RyanPay payment gateway. You have a suitable plugin for WooCommerce WordPress. You can also connect to the port via the api. website:
  8. P

    Price at Payment Gateway doesn't match You Pay total

    Hello, Having an issue where the Payment Gateway total doesn't match the you pay total in the checkout screen, it appears to be picking up the sub total not the total after discount/coupon code applied. e.g $33.00 shoes less $10.00 discount code, Sub total = $33.00 Discount = $10.00...
  9. M

    Stripe Error on Checkout Page

    Hi, I am a newbie and I need some help with Stripe payment method. I'm using Alidropship Original Plugin and El Grecco Theme. My website just got launched and when I tried to make a purchase on the website to test the Stripe Checkout. I tried to use a credit card from Brazil and I've got this...
  10. C

    Paypal Payments on HOLD...why?

    Hello friends, I tried couple of test payments (on PAYPAL) on my website before opening it to public. All the payments are on HOLD in Paypal. Do you know the reason? Which payment gateway would you recommend ? Regards Som
  11. R

    2checkout payment gateway requirement is Proof of stock for my products.

    2checkout requirement: Please address the below items in order for us to continue the review process on your application: If you hold stock of the products displayed on your website, please provide Proof of stock for the below products ...
  12. Charles123

    Payment Gateway that work best in Africa /Ghana

    Hi, I am just starting out with dropshipping and i want to know what work best when it comes to payment system in Africa to be precise Ghana.
  13. K

    Need a Help with Payment Getaway

    Hello Folk I'm having a headache with payment getaways. I'm living Sri Lanka and I tried to apply for Bluesnap & 2checkout but those companies just a joke. Paypal doesn't work properly here in Sri Lanka too. Do you guys have any experience integrate different payment getaways for Alidropship...
  14. Chella

    Alidropship need to give some attention for Payment gateway solution

    Last one month, We are trying to register in payment gateway for card acceptance in our website. unfortunately no improvement. Payment gateway are asking us to provide the past sales/transaction history. we don't know, How are they expecting this from a newly started site. Alidropship pulgin...
  15. delaga

    Bank Transfer Indonesia. Alidropship Original Plugin

    I use the Alidropship Original plugin (not Aliwoo). Do you know how to use gateway payments to activate Bank Transfer Indonesia? I have requested Payssion but I cannot provide Bank Indonesia Transfer services If you know, please contact my WhatsApp 62822 5000 1234
  16. salemzaid1

    Payment Gateway - Payssion

    Hi, We were using Payssion Payment Gateway on Shopify - and used Shopify Scripts API to change Payssion payment methods according to customer checkout country. For example, if the customer is checking out, and chooses Brazil, the next page will show Brazil payment options from Payssion, and so...
  17. J


    I know about . Unfortunately, my 1st stripe account was closed! But i created a new one with a new website. Also i have tasted the 2nd one, is working properly. But now my confusion is -(without telling stripe team) : 1.Can we use the same stripe keys...
  18. Julius Suralta

    PAYNAMICS - Payment Gateway for Philippines

    Hi, Can you please add PAYNAMICS ( ) Payment gateway in the Philippines. Thank you...
  19. T

    Payment gateways for Sri Lanka?

    Hi, what are my available options for payment gateways if I'm based in Sri Lanka?
  20. salemzaid1

    Connecting Custom Payment Gateway To AliDropShip Theme

    Hi there We are in Canada and the payment gateways available in the original Alidropship are bad for us. For example, we have been blocked multiple times from Stripe on many domains simply because we were making a lot of sales and they held our money for 90 days. This happens a lot with Paypal...