payment gateway

  1. D

    Nobody likes paypal?

    I am having multiple abandoned carts, I guess it's because I only have paypal enabled. Wanted to use Stripe but I cant because it doesnt support my country, what can i do?
  2. giorgi3092

    Tired of not being able to use VISA/Mastercard payment gateway

    As you all know, unless you live in the US, it is either too costly or simply unavailable to use Stripe as a CC payment gateway. I've been using Alidropship for 2 months now and it keeps me up at night when I remember how big carts were dropped at the checkout, very likely due to the CC payment...
  3. neeraj89

    Paytabs Payment Gateway

    Hey Guys, Anyone using paytabs gateway for their stores? How is their services. Is there any reserve held and how is their payment cycle? Thanks..
  4. F

    Payment gateway Help

    Hi, can anyone recommend best payment gateway for the middle east region. Anyone tat dropship in the middle east? What payment gateway you use. Thank you :)
  5. J

    In India how can we integrate Payment gateway which will support internationally

    Any of them please suggest how can i integrate payment gateway intentionally in India? Stripe and all not supporting in india, PayuMoney they are asking 2 year bank statement and import export certificate and all ? Please guide me ? I'm using alidropship woo plugin.
  6. R

    Help Need in Payment Processor

    Hi every One, I am currently doing work on a multiple niche dropshipping website and wish to start earning from this business in one year. I have few questions if anyone knows kindly share with me. I am specially requesting the Alidropship Support Team. 1. Do you all Guys Thinks, That Having...
  7. O

    Preferred payment gateway in South East Asia

    Dear all, I would like to ask for some opinions. Let's say, I'm from Singapore. Currently i'm doing dropshipping business. I want to focus on selling to South East Asia (SEA) countries for now (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Phillipines, Laos, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore) May I know if...
  8. S

    IPN for paypal

    Hello fam, What is the IPN link for payment notifiction for the new alidropship plugin?
  9. S

    Payment gateway for India?Aliwoo or Ali standard?

    I'm newbie to this forum.Im from India. Could someone help me which Payment gateways i can use to cover indian and global customers preferably US. Saw in one of post aliwoo supports paypal(for global)+instamojo(for india). Do i need to buy any plugin to implement in aliwoo plugin this combo or...
  10. M

    I don't have Credit Card payments activated on my website

    Hello guys, I don't have "Company No" dont have "Tax Number". I dont have company registered nowhere. I have only have PayPal integrated as a payment gateway on my website. I see I'm loosing sales because of this. Do anyone know how to accept credit card payments without having a company...
  11. L

    Paypal business account here, accepts only if the client has already a paypal account

    Hello i ve read many answers in the forum regarding the matter but i have no clear picture about the matter of Paypal business account. I have a paypal business account,i can accept paypal payments when clients buy products but only if they have a paypal account. Why they cant buy using credit...
  12. Freestyler86

    Payment suggestion!!!

    Hello, I still develop my store, I'm focused on B2B sales. Most of the business owners prefer bank transfer as payment method. Can you add this as an option on payment settings? Will be very nice if we have this feature. Waiting for your reply!
  13. S

    2Checkout is pathetic

    I was trying to use 2checkout for . new store and they have been PATHETIC. After 3 weeks f doing to and fro and super slow team, they rejected my approval. I plan to go public for the same so that other entrepreneurs know about the same. I respect policies and duly submitted papers - but they...
  14. M

    Payment Gateway for Middle East

    Is there anyone who has success of doing payment gateway for Middle East. I've had terrible experience with Strip and 2checout payment gateway. No other payment gateways are supporting my country, there are payment gateways who are charging you in Euro and rates are too high. i would appreciate...
  15. S

    Payment Gateway in Cambodia

    Is there any payment gateway support AliDropship plugin in Cambodia? I'm already bought AliDropship plugin. Now I have a problem with Payment Gateway. Please help me all, if no solution my store will be close :(. Thank!
  16. Abu Saeed Mohammad Sayem

    Problem with Stripe

    From the very begging I am using Stripe as my only payment gateway but a few days ago they send me an email that says, they can not take any payment for my website because of several unauthorized and high-risk credit card has been used on my website. A few days back on November 22nd, 3 customers...
  17. I

    Will Bitcoin as a payment be enabled?

    Hi Alidropship developer and community, is there anyway that bitcoin can be enabled as a new payment method on alidropship plugin? Thanks
  18. Moha

    G2A payment gateway

    Is integration available for G2A gateway? Looks like this can be a nice alternate for Stripe to receive US payments, and they allow withdrawal via paypal.
  19. K

    Why can not I use payments via woocommerce? How can I create my own payment gateway?

    Why am I limited to the payment gateways of alidropship? there are many payment gateways that support woocommerce and it has a clearly defined API that we can create integrations for those that do not support it.. Why do I have to accept payments via alidropship? And why can not I create my own...
  20. Moha

    Paypal - personal vs business account?

    Hi, Need support from seniors here. I have a PayPal personal account which is linked to my ebay store. Can I use that account in my site? If yes, how do I show website name instead of my email in checkout?