payment gateway

  1. mushrukh

    removing paypal and western union image

    Hi @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova is there a method to remove the image of paypal and western union from the theme page at footer as I am applying for 2checkout payment gateway and at the time of review they might see my store and disapprove the application. Please if its possible to remove this...
  2. mushrukh

    Two Payment Gateway with Two Different currency

    Hi Integerated 2 payment gateway on alidrop standard version Paypal ( for International Use) and Instamojo (for Indian Customers as they cant pay through paypal ) . But only one can run smoothly and I am stuck I don`t Know what to do. Any Help? or any suggestion?
  3. M

    Payment gateways QUESTION

    Hello, I want to buy the plug-in and in the presentation clip on YouTube, I saw that your plugin only supports a few payment platforms. None, other than PayPal, does not support dropshipping (believe me, I have the company and online stores with my own stock, and sites sent for review with...
  4. T

    New site, first forum post - SEO & Paypal

    Hi Guys, Its my first time to post in this forum. I've started my dropshipping store back in April, I've launched my site about 2 months ago. I advertised through facebook and instagram and had a give away as well. I got traffic (less than 100) from both instagram...
  5. Y

    I have Payza Account, But Need help to Integrate for a Fee

    Hi everyone, I finally got approval for Payza after trying many options, however, I need help to integrate the platform with Alidropship plugin. Is there anyone with the skill or you know someone that can fix this for a fee, kindly let me know. Thanks
  6. Hammad Hussain

    One2Pay Merchant Account

    Hello anyone using for payment processing.
  7. Hammad Hussain

    Payment Gatewats for Pakistani User

    Hello forum members, I have purchased the alidropship plugin and almost completed my e-commerce store development but I am stuck on payments options don't know which one is best and easy to approve for Pakistani users, As many of you know that Paypal doesn't allow Pakistani users so this is...
  8. K

    Paypal Express Checkout Integration Issues!!!

    @Victoria Kudryashova @Yaros @kingpin @neeraj89 @Igor @Direct Webstore @The Dropper My Paypal is transffered to Paypal Business Account and I have integrated the APIs and it is working well. Now can i please ask for the suggestion for Express Checkout wherein my customers dont need to create...
  9. Bamise

    Payment Gateway for Africa

    Please can someone recommend the payment gateway that I can use here in Africa.... ? Don't know how to use 2checkout.... and nèd help from expertise who know how Striped work..
  10. FridaySon

    Import from Aliwoo, or export to Aliwoo?

    Hi Currently I am using the normal alidropship plugin. But now i think i need to use aliwoo version, because i want to use a payment gateway that not supported by the normal alidropship plugin. I already have many products in my website under the non-woo plugin. Can I import from Aliwoo...
  11. S

    I want to ask about 2Checkout as payment provider

    Hello, I try to register to 2Checkout, I provide all the information they need, but I get an email like this: please complete the following item(s): AliExpress/Drop-Shipping Agreement: We need two (2) pieces of information from you: Please provide copies of your last 90 days payment...
  12. M

    Stripe Payment not accepting cards after upgrade/update

    Hi Guys, I've noticed that I have started to get a lot of people abandoning the cart during credit card purchases after testing myself I found I could not enter any card details when I click Credit Card. I have updated to the latest Wordpress and AliDropship. I have also updated Stripe API Id...
  13. A

    Request for payment gateway

    So after a hard couple of weeks of struggling to get accepted by a payment gateway, I was finally approved. I've applied at 20 or so such gateways including the ones compatible with Alidropship plugin, but they all rejected me. I'm a risk factor, I understand that, I dropship and I don't have a...